Ninja Swords

Whether sneaking through a forest or attempting a secret mission, a ninja needs a great sword at their side. Buying a Sword offers a great selection of those shinobi blades. We carry both functional and decorative swords. They come in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and high carbon steel. Also, they feature various styles such as ninjatos and more fantasy inspired styles. In addition, this category includes sword sets. If you are searching for an amazing sword, take a look here in our wonderful ninja sword category. We have multiple options for you to choose from. There is sure to be something that will interest you.

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Practical Shinobi Ninjato

Item # SH1071
Those in the process of learning the Way of the Ninja need a useful and effective tool for their studies, and there is no better tool for this job than the Practical Shinobi Ninjato. This is a sword no Ninja should be without.

Black Same Practical Shinobi Ninjato

Item # SH2268
The Practical Shinobi Ninja-to, whose construction patterns that of the Practical Katana, is a wonderful addition for those studying the Way of the Ninja. The blade is hand-forged from high-carbon steel and is differentially hardened.

Double Edge Ninja Sword and Stealth Knives

Item # MC-FM-644D
The perfect complement to a growing ninja armory, the Double Edge Ninja Sword Set it is great for fledgling ninjas in need of a great blade. It echoes the look of a shinobi sword, favored by shadow warriors from the East.

Single Edge Ninja Sword and Stealth Knives

Item # MC-FM-644T
Keep the tradition of the Shinobi alive with the Single Edge Ninja Sword Set. This ninja sword offers a list twist, offering a traditional blade with modern styling that is perfect for todays shadow warrior.

Dragon Etched Ninjato

Item # MC-MAZ-017B
This gorgeous ninja sword makes a fantastic addition to your oriental sword collection with its intricate ornamentation. The Dragon Etched Ninjato features a high carbon steel blade engraved with dragon and spear designs.

3 Piece Ninja Sword Set

Item # ZS-926844-BK
A true ninja makes sure to have the right weapons to capitalize on any opening, and this 3 Piece Ninja Sword Set brings a trio of blades to the fight, ensuring that whether up close or at range, you can bring the pain to your foe.