Now available from Mytholon is a wide assortment of stage combat swords, as well as other historical arms inspired by the pages of history. These weapons are well-crafted for a durable design, combining the rugged functionality of the past with the modern materials of the present. The union is one that cannot be beaten! Their stage combat swords are offered in a variety of styles, echoing blades befitting Norse warriors, medieval knights, and more. Made in spring steel, they are also highly durable and a perfect choice for when you need a sturdy blade, either for sparring, stage fighting, or solo training. Also, their assortment of other medieval arms, including iconic daggers, intimidating axes, and spear heads give you the chance to arm yourself with other weapons from history as well. They match the durability of their stage steel swords as well, ensuring satisfaction no matter what piece you get. Plus, spear heads and butt caps give you the chance to make your own weapon, allowing you to form your own connection to your weapon! They also offer some decorative pieces, for an impressive look without any extra hassle. If you need durable, dependable steel, you want Mytholon.
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Mattis Belt

Item # MY100322
With fine detailing fit for a variety of medieval inspired outfits, the Mattis Belt features a brass buckle, tip, and five blossom-shaped decorations. This belt is made of thick leather and available in multiple colors.

Norrick LARP Short Sword

Item # MY100764
A squire may be secondary to a knight, but that does not mean that they are not crucial figures, just as a short sword is a vital secondary weapon. Arm your knight or squire character for battle with the Norrick LARP Short Sword.

Oswald Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100645
Armed with the Oswald Stage Combat Sword, you are fit to enter the fray, defend the kingdom, or face of against your greatest foe. Whatever the cause of your staged battle, this spring steel combat sword is ready for the challenge.

Reuven LARP Knife

Item # MY100766
A sword is fine and dandy on the battlefield, but you like to get a little closer to your enemies, to see the fear in their eyes. For the upper hand in short-range combat, few weapons are better than the formidable Reuven LARP Knife.

Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard

Item # MY100767
LARPing may be a lot safer for the warriors than fighting with steel weapons, but that does not mean that foam weapons cannot get damaged. Make sure your LARP knives are in good shape by keeping them in the Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard.

Runar LARP Battle Axe

Item # MY100768
The axe is the trademarked weapon of the Vikings, and it was widely used in Europe in combat and executions. The Runar LARP Battle Axe reproduces this weapon and places it in your hands, entrusting you with a steadfast battle companion.

Schlachda LARP Orc Dagger

Item # MY100756
Orcs are vicious and mean, and when it comes to killing, it is not so much about a quick, clean end as it is about a long and brutally painful one. That is why a true orc prefers a rugged weapon like the Schlachda LARP Orc Dagger.

Severian LARP Sword

Item # MY100769
For the best cutting power, it is always advised that a sword be swung with both hands. The Severian LARP Sword makes this possible, recreating the classic two-handed sword but giving it the modification of a shorter, sturdy blade.

Sieghard Decorative Dagger

Item # MY100548
Regardless of role or social status within the medieval kingdom, you will certainly find a good use for the Sieghard Decorative Dagger. It lends authenticity to your look, be you a loyal knight, clever mercenary, or fearless rogue.

Small Cederic Spear Head

Item # MY100268
The Small Cederic Spear Head is the more petite version of our Large Cederic Spear Head. Just as fierce in appearance, it features similar details on a smaller frame. With a blunted tip, this spearhead is for those who value safety.

Thorleif Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100669
For characters as fierce as ancient Viking warriors, the Thorleif Stage Combat Sword is the ideal weapon to wield. Add authentic ferocity and style to performances and historical costumes with this blunted spring steel blade.

Tjure Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100670
With the Tjure Stage Combat Sword in hand as you charge into battle, you feel no fear. Modeled after historic Viking swords, this realistic stage combat weapon has a blunted blade and rounded tip for safe performance and costume use.