Military Swords

Prior to the development of modern firearms, swords served as one of the primary weapons of warfare. Our military swords category at Buying a Sword includes military sabers, Civil War swords, and other excellent functional swords and decorative blades modeled after weapons used by various militaries around the world. We offer Union sabers and Confederate sabers from the American Civil War era, as well as military swords from the various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. In addition to U.S. military blades, we carry options like Russian shashkas, German sabers, and Japanese officer swords. A number of our ornamental swords perform as ceremonial swords, dress swords, and display pieces, while others are functional swords and battle ready sabers for training and reenactment. Whether you want a Mameluke sword, a non-commissioned officers sword, or a cavalry saber, you can find many high quality pieces among our military swords.
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Civil War U.S. Foot Officer's Sword

Item # SNA18
The U.S. Foot Officers Sword (SNA18) features an elaborately etched carbon steel blade, including the U.S. insignia. The leather grip is spiral wire bound and foliate designs are cast into the handguard.

Confederate Cavalry Officer Sword

Item # 500050
This is an authentic, hand made replica that is hand forged and fully tempered of 1095 high carbon steel. Original handle and sheath materials ensure that this Confederate sabre performs exactly as the originals did.

Confederate Cavalry Officer's Sword

Item # SNA15
The Confederate Cavalry Officer Sword (SNA15) replicates the model carried by Confederate General Joseph Shelby. The initials CS are cast into the handguard, with C.S.A. etched into the tempered carbon steel blade.

Confederate Cavalry Saber

Item # 500646
Authentic, hand made replica has flexible, ornate blade and leather grip wrapped with brass wire. Of all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most. The scabbard has brass furniture, ring mounts, and drag.

Confederate Staff and Field Officer Sword

Item # 500006
If you wish to portray a Confederate officer in a reenactment, then make sure to look at the Confederate Staff and Field Officer Sword. The sword is great for historical reenactments, displays, and more.

CSA Cavalry Sabre

Item # SNS134
If you want to decorate your space with a historically inspired piece, then display the CSA Cavalry Sabre for everyone to see.

CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword

Item # ZS-910884
Swords are an age-old symbol of war, and even in ages past, leaders carried them, as much as weapons as symbols of status, office, and rank. This CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword is based on the swords that Confederate officers carried.

Etched CSA Cavalry Saber

Item # ZS-926708
The saber is a classic part of any military mans formal dress. This is true now, just as it was true as far back as the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. This Etched CSA Cavalry Saber recreates one dress sword for any to own.

French Grenadier Infantry Sword

Item # AH-3411
Sabers have been favored the world over, for hundreds of years, as military swords, and this French Grenadier Infantry Sword reaches back into the 1700s, serving as a symbol of office and rank, as well as a battlefield companion.

Heavy Cavalry Saber

Item # 501150
This fine saber has a 1065 high carbon steel blade with full tang and is well tempered. This historically accurate saber was known as the Wrist Breaker. The model 1840 Cavalry Saber has a three branch brass guard and wire wrapped grip.

M1902 US Army Officers Saber

Item # AH-3412
From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, through the American Indian Wars to the modern day, the saber has been a companion to the American soldier. This M1902 US Army Officer Saber is a style that remains accepted to this day.

Military Sword with Scabbard

Item # HW-700734
The Military Sword with Scabbard has stately beauty throughout, from the intricate etching on over half of its thin blade to the ornate hilt and matching scabbard. Add this military officer sword to weapon collections and displays.