Medieval Daggers

Reappearing as a popular weapon during the 12th century, medieval daggers were used as secondary weapon for personal defense as well as a tool for everyday tasks. These double-edged blades taper to sharp points for piercing shields and armor. Our knightly daggers at Buying a Sword make excellent companion weapons for our medieval swords. These traditional daggers come in a range of styles, including rondel daggers, Crusader daggers, Agincourt daggers, arming daggers, swordbreaker daggers, ballock daggers, and more. Certain designs are inspired by historical figures like Henry V, the Black Prince, the Landsknecht mercenaries, and King Solomon, among others. We carry a variety of functional dagger and decorative dagger designs, making these excellent medieval blades for historical re-enactors, Ren fair attendees, and weapons collectors.
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Close Combat Dagger

Item # ED4406
The Close Combat Dagger features a hammered and blackened iron pommel and guard welded to a hefty steel blade. The Close Combat Dagger is durable and suitable for stage and reenactment fighting and come to you at a great price.

Crecy War Dagger

Item # 404231
As part of the Windlass Battlecry collection, the Crecy War Dagger possesses a no-nonsense double edge blade that is slight, light, and quick, well suited for facing both armored and unarmored foes during your next historical adventure.

Crusader Arming Dagger

Item # NP-H-5942
A knight on Crusade should make sure to have a weapon. Be sure to check out the Crusader Arming Dagger and add it to your medieval costume or outfit. This dagger makes a great addition to any small blade collection or medieval costume.

Crusader Dagger

Item # DS-1814
A good dagger is more than just a weapon. It is also a tool, used for everything from eating to working and more. This Crusader Dagger is the quintessential knights dagger, designed with a blade for any task a warrior might have.

Crusader Head Dagger

Item # NP-H-5951
Whether you wish to add a sense of medieval style to your decor or your blade collection, the Crusader Head Dagger is sure to stand out in any display. Add it to your home or office decor. Give it as a gift to a dagger collector.

Dagger of Richard the Lionheart

Item # SD4157NQ
Noted for his bravery, and often for his cruelty as well, Richard the Lionheart is one of the most widely admired English monarchs. The Dagger of Richard the Lionheart commemorates this crusader in a beautiful and subtle way.

Daguesse Dagger

Item # SG2520
Gladius Medieval style daggers, like this Daguesse Dagger, have 440C stainless steel blades that are fully tempered, but they are primarily intended for use as collectibles and eye-catching decorative pieces.

Danish Dagger

Item # DS-1815
Attack with your reactionary hand while holding the elegant Danish Dagger. Designed for balance, speed, and accurate strikes, this blade excels at being a backup weapon. Be sure to add this stunning blade to your collection.

Decorative Fleur De Lis Dagger

Item # NP-H-5915
With elegance and poise, the Decorative Fleur De Lis Dagger is a beautiful take on medieval weaponry. Made ornate through its embellished hilt and included scabbard, this decorative dagger features fleur de lis details throughout.

Decorative Medieval Shield Dagger

Item # NP-H-5927
Drawing its inspiration from medieval weapons of old and noble heraldry, the Decorative Medieval Shield Dagger features a shield shaped crest at the center of its guard and matching heraldic lion detail upon its included sheath.

Dragon Seal Medieval Dagger

Item # NP-H-5933-SL
No matter if you are a knight on a grand journey or a wealthy noble in a fantasy world, the Dragon Seal Medieval Dagger is sure to match your outfit. It makes a great addition to any small blade collection or medieval costume.

Edwin Stage Combat Dagger

Item # MY101252
Sometimes a knight may need more than just a sword. Ensure that you have multiple weapons at hand by carrying the Edwin Stage Combat Dagger with you. This dagger is great for adding authenticity to a stage production or a costume.