Medieval Daggers

Reappearing as a popular weapon during the 12th century, medieval daggers were used as secondary weapon for personal defense as well as a tool for everyday tasks. These double-edged blades taper to sharp points for piercing shields and armor. Our knightly daggers at Buying a Sword make excellent companion weapons for our medieval swords. These traditional daggers come in a range of styles, including rondel daggers, Crusader daggers, Agincourt daggers, arming daggers, swordbreaker daggers, ballock daggers, and more. Certain designs are inspired by historical figures like Henry V, the Black Prince, the Landsknecht mercenaries, and King Solomon, among others. We carry a variety of functional dagger and decorative dagger designs, making these excellent medieval blades for historical re-enactors, Ren fair attendees, and weapons collectors.
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Thin Medieval Rondel Dagger

Item # ZS-HS-7887
In the late medieval era, daggers such as this Thin Medieval Rondel Dagger were a common sight, as many carried them as utility daggers and personal weapons. Knights, merchants, nobles, and squires would all have favored this dagger.

Traditional Rondel Dagger

Item # MH-W0602
In a pinch, a medieval warrior might need a reliable sidearm to stop a foe. Our Traditional Rondel Dagger is exactly that. Made of high carbon steel, this functional dagger can be used for an array of jousting and piercing moves.

Vendetta Dagger

Item # NP-H-5536
Inspired by the daggers used by the character V in the film V for Vendetta, this Vendetta Dagger is perfect for cosplay, Halloween costumes, or display. This knife gets you as close as it gets to portraying V without breaking the bank.

Rosewood Rondel Dagger

Item # 07-88HRDL
Inspired by historical examples of the medieval dagger, the Rosewood Rondel Dagger is a specialized weapon rather than a utility blade. The rondel dagger serves as a side arm for piercing mail or slipping through gaps in plate armor.
$261.19 $208.95

Warrior Dagger

Item # MC-HK-3484
Every warrior needs a good dagger. They are light, exceedingly useful, and make a great last-defense weapon. So arm yourself with this Warrior Dagger. It is everything a warrior needs in a dagger without ostentatious extra designs.