Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

The Lord of the Rings films, based on the classic tale by J.R.R. Tolkien, feature many iconic weapons wielded by characters like Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, Sauron, the Nazgul, and Aragorn, among others. The licensed weapon replicas that we carry here at Buying a Sword are modeled after the actual movie props used in The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. We also carry replica weapons based on those seen in The Hobbit film trilogy. Our selection includes unforgettable swords like Sting, Glamdring, Anduril, and the Morgul blade, as well as other weapons like Gandalfs staff, Filis warhammer, and Orcrist. In addition to steel weapons, we offer an assortment of excellent Lord of the Rings LARP weapons that are perfect for roleplaying or cosplaying as your favorite halfling, Uruk-hai, or wizard. Browse through our selection of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit replicas to find the perfect collectible weapon to show off to all your friends!
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Sting The Sword of Frodo Baggins

Item # UC1264
This replica of Sting, the Sword of Frodo Baggins, has been painstakingly and meticulously recreated to bring you the blade that a hobbit carried as he journeyed across the lands of Middle Earth to rid the world of a sinister dark lord.

The Hobbit - Bilbo's Glowing Sting LARP Sword

Item # WRHB02G
Like many of the elven weapons of Gondolin, Sting had magic woven into its steel. The swords blade was said to glow with blue light when orcs and goblins were near, warning the wielder to be cautious, as danger was near.
$94.99 $85.49

The Hobbit - Bilbo's Sting LARP Sword

Item # WRHB02
Every good adventurer should carry a weapon, lest of all they face doom on the road. This was, perhaps, what motivated Gandalf to hand the young hobbit an elvish short sword named Sting when they discovered treasure in a troll lair.

The Hobbit - Fili's LARP Sword

Item # WRHB06
More often than not, dwarf weapons were designed to be practical and effective, and in the case of the sword of the dwarf, Fili, that is especially true, as this blades hard angles and edge make it a lethal tool for any warrior.

The Hobbit - Fili's LARP Warhammer

Item # WRHB05
Many of the company of dwarves that went with Thorin carried swords, but the true weapon of a dwarf was either the hammer or the axe. Fili, his nephew, brought along a brutal war hammer that would leave his enemies battered before him.

The Hobbit - Gandalf's Glamdring LARP Sword

Item # WRHB01
In the lands of Middle Earth, the elves were among the greatest of craftsmen, capable of works that showed elegance and precision. The sword Glamdring, found by Gandalf, was among one of their greatest weapons, forged in a bygone era.

The Hobbit - Kili's LARP Sword

Item # WRHB04
Dwarves were no strangers to combat, and they were also quite well-known for the solidarity and strength of their craft. Thus, Kili, Thorins nephew, was armed with a sturdy and strong sword that served him well in all of this battles.

The Hobbit - Thorin's Orcrist LARP Sword

Item # WRHB03
Thorin Oakenshield was not known for his love of elves, or anything of elf make. For that reason, he might have cast this blade away, had Gandalf not warned him of Orcrists greatness. It was a fine blade in the hands of the dwarf prince.

The LARP Staff of Gandalf the Grey

Item # WRHB08
Beautifully replicating the appearance of the staff which Gandalf wields in the Hobbit films, The LARP Staff of Gandalf the Grey is a magnificent weapon for those who enjoy the tales of Middle Earth and seek to assume a wizard persona.

The Scabbard for Sting

Item # UC2893
This replica of the Scabbard for Sting is designed to fit licensed versions of the Sting sword, which was wielded by no less than three hobbits over the course of two amazing journeys that would change the face of Middle Earth forever.

Thranduil's Sword

Item # UC3042
The Sword of Thranduil was a blade crafted for the king by the finest smiths of the Woodland realm. In his hand, it was steel death, wielded in a masterful way that few of the enemies of the king would have been able to see coming.

War Hammer Of Dain Ironfoot

Item # UC3166
One of the greatest warriors in Middle Earth, Dain Ironfoot led his army of Iron Hill Dwarves in defense of Erebor in the mighty battle of the five armies. The War Hammer of Dain Ironfoot is an authentically detailed reproduction.