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Buying a Sword has swords of all kinds, including those for LARP. We have in incredible selection of LARP swords to choose from, ranging from historical to fantastic in their inspiration, and in styles to suit any kind of fighter. These high quality LARP weapons are typically made of a shred resistant foam for safe use on the LARP battlefield. And if your character takes inspiration from medieval, Renaissance, Greek, pirate, or Viking history, we have a LARP sword that will match. LARP is not limited to the realms of reality, so we offer many fantasy LARP sword styles as well. Shop medieval knight LARP swords and elven LARP swords as well as LARP swords based on the weapons used by favorite characters in movies like Lord of the Rings and shows like Game of Thrones.
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Dreki LARP Sword - Steel - 85 cm

Item # MCI-3674
Within the forest, you and your men await the enemy. You shall emerge victorious this day. All of you wield the Steel Dreki LARP Sword in battle. Carry this foam sword into battle. It works with Viking and fantasy characters.

Earl LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3285
When you hear the call of battle, reach for your trusted Earl LARP Sword and show everyone the ferocity of your strength. Lightweight and tough, this Stronghold LARP weapon features a strong Norse influence in its overall design.

Elrendar II LARP Sword

Item # CL-189
Years ago, the Elrendar was lost. An Elven lord recovered the blade from its hiding place within a sacred tree, beginning a new age for the Elves. This LARP scimitar displays a handle of striking silver and red coloration.

Elucidator Cosplay Sword

Item # NP-G-SAO2
Wield the power of the Elucidator Cosplay Sword, inspired by the popular manga, anime, and video game series Sword Art Online! Officially licensed, this fantasy foam sword makes a superb addition to any Kirito costume ensemble.

Elven Hunter LARP Blade

Item # MCI-3284
Ideal for forest dwelling warriors, the Elven Hunter LARP Blade is an elegant and sleek LARP sword inspired by legacies of high fantasy. This Stronghold LARP weapon has a lightweight, latex free construction safe for tough combat.

Elven Warrior LARP Short Sword

Item # MCI-3241
A great evil overshadows the beautiful woodland entrusted to your care. Stave off the darkness and restore peace to the entire realm with the Elven Warrior LARP Short Sword. This trusty sidearm proves its worth during LARP warfare.

Elven Warrior LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3191
A supernatural cry of despair overwhelms your senses. Intruders ravage the woodland. The tribes must band together. The Elven Warrior LARP Sword moves gracefully with the guardian who vows to take vengeance for the forest realm.

Elven Warrior Long LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3216
Embody the ethereal grace and immortal charm of fantasys most elegant race when you wield the Elven Warrior Long LARP Sword. Expertly handcrafted for safety and ease of use, wield this sleek and swift blade at your next LARP event.

Emerald Knight II LARP Sword

Item # CL-231
A true knight can talk the talk and walk the walk. Their confidence and air of nobility tell of their prowess before even stepping onto the battlefield. This Emerald Knight II LARP Sword will adequately convey your chivalry and skills.

Excalibur LARP Short Sword

Item # NP-G-JS101
An excellent choice for younger kings and those wishing for a blade better suited in confined spaces, this Excalibur LARP Short Sword displays a disc pommel and a bold fuller that extends down half the length of the latex blade.

Executioner LARP Long Sword

Item # MY101209
No one in the enemys army is able to match your ability to defeat your enemies. With the Executioner LARP Long Sword, you are the harbinger of death. Show your prowess in battle with this sword and impress everyone at a LARP event.

Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword

Item # CL-225
While some people may underestimate elves as small and mischievous woodland creatures, you know better than that. As this Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword displays, elves can also be merciless and lethal warriors towards their enemies.