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Buying a Sword has swords of all kinds, including those for LARP. We have in incredible selection of LARP swords to choose from, ranging from historical to fantastic in their inspiration, and in styles to suit any kind of fighter. These high quality LARP weapons are typically made of a shred resistant foam for safe use on the LARP battlefield. And if your character takes inspiration from medieval, Renaissance, Greek, pirate, or Viking history, we have a LARP sword that will match. LARP is not limited to the realms of reality, so we offer many fantasy LARP sword styles as well. Shop medieval knight LARP swords and elven LARP swords as well as LARP swords based on the weapons used by favorite characters in movies like Lord of the Rings and shows like Game of Thrones.
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Battleworn Viking LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3586
For many years you have terrorized the coast as you plundered and pillaged various villages. The Battleworn Viking LARP Sword became the bane of many. Add this foam sword to your Viking costume or barbarian ensemble for a LARP event.

Bellator II LARP Sword

Item # CL-182
When the Englishmen became aggressive, pushing into the heart of the land, many did not have the weapons to repulse them. Blacksmiths crafted the Bellator II LARP Sword for those who were to take up arms against the invaders.

Berserker LARP Long Sword

Item # MY101206
Give glory to Odin and fight for a place in Valhalla with a great weapon at your side. You readily wield this Berserker LARP Long Sword in battle. The foam sword works wonderfully for LARP events as well as cosplay conventions.

Berserker LARP Short Sword

Item # MY101258
Your enemies know to fear the sound of your voice. You cry out a deafening call when you raise the Berserker LARP Short Sword and head into battle. This foam sword works wonderfully for LARP events as well as cosplay conventions.

Bladesinger Long Sword

Item # MCI-2089
Our Bladesinger LARP Long Sword can be used for medieval and fantasy themes. This latex sword features a curved blade with an extra long handle for two handed use. It is an affordable LARP sword without sacrificing quality and style.

Bone Blade LARP Sword

Item # MCI-2806
Be you a dark elf from the underworld or an undead warrior of the night, the Bone Blade LARP Sword will bring down a multitude of foes. Instill terror into the hearts of your mortal enemies with this one-handed chopping sword.

Bone LARP Scimitar

Item # MCI-3407
Known across the realms for its ghostly appearance and bone handle, the Bone LARP Scimitar is a deadly weapon for a skilled warrior. This legendary hybrid scimitar is the culmination of Orcish and Dark Elven craftsmanship.

Brass Landsknecht LARP Short Sword

Item # MY101259
As a mercenary, the sword is a tool of your trade. Ensure that you have a proper one at your side with the Brass Landsknecht LARP Short Sword. This sword works wonderfully for a variety of events, including LARP battles and faires.

Caprine LARP Sword - 100 cm

Item # MCI-3518
For the explorers, rangers, and protectors of mountains, the Caprine LARP Sword is the best choice in personal defense against invaders and marauders. Draw this ram inspired sword at your next LARP battle or fantasy convention.

Caprine LARP Sword - 115 cm

Item # MCI-3519
A mountain climber may not know what is coming around the next peak and should carry personal protection. The Caprine LARP Sword is a great choice. Wear this hybrid foam longsword to your next LARP event or epic fantasy convention.

Caprine LARP Sword - 135 cm

Item # MCI-3536
Whether you are a ranger roaming the mountains or a person who lives there, it is a good idea to have a weapon on hand like this Caprine LARP Sword. Wear this hybrid foam longsword to your next LARP event or epic fantasy convention.

Captain LARP Saber - Silver Hilt

Item # MY101198
Before you stands the company commander. He holds out the Silver Hilt Captain LARP Saber. You have received your long-awaited promotion to officer. Show your prowess in battle with this sword and impress everyone at a LARP event.