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Buying a Sword has swords of all kinds, including those for LARP. We have in incredible selection of LARP swords to choose from, ranging from historical to fantastic in their inspiration, and in styles to suit any kind of fighter. These high quality LARP weapons are typically made of a shred resistant foam for safe use on the LARP battlefield. And if your character takes inspiration from medieval, Renaissance, Greek, pirate, or Viking history, we have a LARP sword that will match. LARP is not limited to the realms of reality, so we offer many fantasy LARP sword styles as well. Shop medieval knight LARP swords and elven LARP swords as well as LARP swords based on the weapons used by favorite characters in movies like Lord of the Rings and shows like Game of Thrones.
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Titan LARP Bastard Sword

Item # MY101186
Your enemies truly fear the sight of you. You terrify them with your overwhelming presence, and they know the power of the Titan LARP Bastard Sword. Wield this foam sword at your next LARP battle, cosplay event, or theater production.

Titan LARP Long Sword

Item # MY101208
Just like the titans of legend, you possess great strength and are very skilled in combat. Wield the Titan LARP Long Sword and terrify your enemies. This foam sword works wonderfully for LARP events as well as cosplay conventions.

Treville LARP Bastard Sword

Item # CL-233
No period wear is complete without an appropriate weapon at your side! Complete a Renaissance era ensemble with this Treville LARP Bastard Sword, which features a beautiful design that will certainly enhance your historical costume.

Trollball Slayer LARP Sword - 110 cm

Item # MCI-2889
Care for a friendly game of trollball? What? You do not know what trollball is? Well, it is time you learned. The first you will need is a good sword to use, and none will be better for than this Trollball Slayer LARP Sword!

Two Handed War Sword

Item # MCI-2042
Our Two Handed LARP War Sword is made from durable foam that does not shred and is sealed with a strong latex. Safety is always an issue in LARP, which is why these have a flexible fiberglass core with strong Kevlar core tip protection.

Two-Handed Keel LARP Sword

Item # MY101214
As a part of a vast army, you and your men bring death and destruction to the enemy. While you hold the Two-Handed Keel LARP Sword, you are immovable. Use it to show off your battle prowess and impress all at your next LARP battle.

Valor LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3299
Seek honor and glory with the Valor LARP Sword in your arsenal. With its innovative, latex free construction, this Stronghold LARP weapon is ideal for aspiring heroes and noble knights embarking on legendary quests of courage.

Viking II LARP Short Sword

Item # CL-201
Viking warriors became the scourge of many lands throughout Europe and Asia, raiding and collecting the bounty of their foes. With the Viking II LARP Short Sword, you can become a formidable Viking raider at your next event.

Viking Raider LARP Long Sword

Item # MY101207
Whether you fight under the banner of Odin or under Freya, any Norse deity of war will approve of you wielding this Viking Raider LARP Long Sword. This sword works wonderfully for various events, including LARP battles and faires.

Viking Raider LARP Short Sword

Item # MY101192
You, brave warrior, fight under the banner of Odin so that you may join Valhalla. You wield the Viking Raider LARP Short Sword against your enemies. This sword works wonderfully for various events, including LARP battles and faires.

Viking Warrior LARP Short Sword

Item # MY101202
Vikings raid and pillage villages with a variety of weapons. Those fierce warriors often favored swords like this Viking Warrior LARP Short Sword. It works wonderfully for a variety of events, including LARP battles and faires.

Warden LARP Long Sword

Item # MY101217
Warden of the keep, you ensure the safety of all who dwell within its walls. Wield the Warden LARP Long Sword to help keep any enemy attack at bay. The foam sword works wonderfully for LARP events as well as cosplay conventions.