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Buying a Sword has swords of all kinds, including those for LARP. We have in incredible selection of LARP swords to choose from, ranging from historical to fantastic in their inspiration, and in styles to suit any kind of fighter. These high quality LARP weapons are typically made of a shred resistant foam for safe use on the LARP battlefield. And if your character takes inspiration from medieval, Renaissance, Greek, pirate, or Viking history, we have a LARP sword that will match. LARP is not limited to the realms of reality, so we offer many fantasy LARP sword styles as well. Shop medieval knight LARP swords and elven LARP swords as well as LARP swords based on the weapons used by favorite characters in movies like Lord of the Rings and shows like Game of Thrones.
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Sanguis LARP Longsword

Item # CL-215
The design of the Sanguis LARP Longsword closely resembles swords used by soldiers during the Battle of Agincourt. Derived from the Latin word for blood, the name of the Sanguis sword hints at what these weapons were capable of doing.

Scout LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3297
Explore paths unknown with the Scout LARP Sword at your side. Be ready for anything with this foam blade in hand. With an innovative, latex free construction, this Stronghold sword draws its inspiration from Nordic swords of old.

Sentinel LARP Long Sword

Item # MY101216
Guard the kingdoms border, brave soldier. Beware the darkness that draws ever nearer. You wield the Sentinel LARP Long Sword to keep the enemy at bay. It looks awesome in any roleplaying battle or event as well as cosplay conventions.

Shadow Blade LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3406
Feared for its deadly and gruesome origins, the Shadow Blade LARP Sword epitomizes the ruthlessness of the Dark Elves. The perfect weapon for a master assassin, legend says lives were taken in order to make this dark LARP blade.

Short Hersir Viking LARP Sword

Item # CL-275
So named for Viking commanders of old, the Short Hersir Viking LARP Sword is impressive in both its fine detailing and high quality craftsmanship. This latex-free foam weapon is an extraordinary LARP sword for warriors of all sorts.

Sir Radzig's LARP Sword

Item # CL-113
There are dark forces that wish to destroy your kingdom. You refuse to submit to their whims and will defeat them with the Sir Radzigs LARP Sword. It looks great with a variety of characters at a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Skullgar II LARP Bastard Sword

Item # CL-186
From the West comes an army of creatures from the shadows who wield this robust sword. The Skullgar II LARP Bastard Sword displays a hilt that changes colors from bronze and black to steel and dark red, giving it unrivaled realism.

Spartan Warrior LARP Sword

Item # NP-G-BL025
Reenact battle scenes from your favorite sword and sandal flick with this Spartan Warrior LARP Sword. Stark and deadly in appearance, this dark grey Greek foam sword is an impressive addition to your Spartan LARP or cosplay kit.

Spartiate LARP Sword

Item # NP-G-BL109
The Spartiates were men of equal status who were trained for battle, reputed to be the best soldiers in Ancient Greece. The Spartiate LARP Sword is a formidable choice for any warrior reenacting his favorite sword and sandal films.

Swashbuckler LARP Sword

Item # MCI-3298
Live to tell tales of your daring high seas adventures when you take the Swashbuckler LARP Sword into battle. Based on historic naval swords, this latex free foam weapon is ideal for battling against both pirates and krakens.

Tactician LARP Short Sword

Item # MY101204
Whether you fight in a magical army or as part of a traveling group of adventurers, make sure to wield a sword like this Tactician LARP Short Sword. It works wonderfully for a variety of events, including LARP battles and faires.

Tai Chi LARP Sword

Item # NP-G-L18
Inspired by the jian swords used in martial arts training, the Tai Chi LARP Sword displays a gold guard and pommel with brown cord wrapped around the grip. This Asian foam sword makes a fantastic addition to any cosplay ensemble.