Here at Buying a Sword, we offer many kinds of LARP weapons for your next battle, including a range of excellent LARP axes. These LARP battle axes include double headed axes and single headed axes in a variety of styles like medieval, Viking, and fantasy. Designed by some of the best manufacturers like Calimacil, Windlass, and Epic Armoury, our role-playing axes display spectacular detailing and visual appeal. All of our LARP weapons are crafted with durability in mind. Many of them are virtually maintenance free, while being made to withstand many temperatures and types of weather. While safety will always remain a concern in battle, these LARP axes offer the most reliable experience possible with their flexible cores, Kevlar tip protection, and quality latex coatings. Browse through our live action role-playing axes to find the perfect weapon for your next battle!
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Foam Bloody Woodsman Axe

Item # NP-G-BL121
Regardless of whether you have a good or evil persona, the Foam Bloody Woodsman Axe is sure to add a unique flair to your characters outfit. This axe is great for a variety of events, such as cosplay conventions and stage productions.

Foam Felling Axe

Item # NP-G-BL118
Whether you wish to look like you can fight off a zombie hoard or look like a medieval woodsman, be sure to check out the Foam Felling Axe. Use the axe for your next cosplay event, convention, or stage production.

Foam Pickhead Axe

Item # NP-G-BL117
If you are looking for a realistic weapon to add to an apocalyptic costume, then make sure to take a look at the Foam Pickhead Axe. It works great as a prop for many situations including conventions, cosplay events, and stage productions.

Gothic LARP Axe

Item # MCI-3481
Whether your character is a medieval knight, mercenary, or a warrior from a fantasy realm, the Gothic LARP Axe is a great LARP weapon to have in your arsenal. This latex foam LARP axe has a distinctive yet versatile medieval style.

Hirdsman LARP Throwing Axe

Item # MCI-3611
As the enemy approaches, you and your fellow soldiers are not afraid. You throw the Hirdsman LARP Throwing Axe at them and break the enemy lines. Wield this fearsome axe in any LARP battle, cosplaying event, or Renaissance faire.

Horseman Foam Battle Axe

Item # NP-G-L05
This Horseman Foam Battle Axe is a stellar choice for Hessians, barbarians, mercenaries, and fantasy warriors. Be sure to check it out. Add this foam battle axe to your medieval or fantasy costume for a great finishing touch.

Ice LARP Axe - Blue

Item # MCI-3565
The apocalypse can happen anywhere, even while you are hiking snowy mountains. The Ice LARP Axe with a blue handle makes a great improvised weapon. Be prepared for anything that comes your way in a LARP battle or cosplay event.

Ice LARP Axe - Red

Item # MCI-3566
In an apocalyptic scenario, you may not have access to typical weapons like guns and swords. Grab other items like the Ice LARP Axe with a red handle. Be prepared for anything that comes your way in a LARP battle or cosplay event.

Ice LARP Axe - White

Item # MCI-3567
While medieval axes have become less common, you are more likely to find an ice axe, like the Ice LARP Axe with a white handle, if you need a weapon. This foam weapon works wonderfully for roleplaying events, cosplay, and prop use.

Johnny LARP Fireman Axe

Item # CL-272
In a city full of corpses shambling through the streets in search of flesh, escape can be difficult. If you cannot flee, then, the only other option is to fight. Luckily, you are wielding the powerful Johnny LARP Fireman Axe.

Krieger LARP Axe

Item # CL-246
Old Norse stories speak of Vikings who survived battle after battle. The Krieger LARP Axe, with its intricate wolf details, is named after the fearsome warriors and is expertly crafted to endure the most brutal LARP skirmishes.

LARP Bloody Hatchet

Item # NP-G-BL116-B
Lacerate the opposition or brandish this blade to further intimidate the world around you with our LARP Bloody Hatchet. Covered in weathered paint from foam blade to handle with blood, you can guess what the story is behind this axe.