Knight Swords

With a simple, straight crossguard and a disc pommel, the medieval knight sword or knightly sword remains one of the most classic Middle Age sword styles, appearing in numerous pieces of art from the period. Popular from the 12th century to the 14th century, the historical knight sword was light enough to be used from horseback, yet it could be wielded as a powerful two-handed sword when on foot. Its maneuverability gave it great effectiveness against the chainmail armor of the 13th century, leading to its increase in popularity. Buying a Sword carries many superb knight sword replicas for combatants, re-enactors, and weapons collectors to enjoy. Crafted by great manufacturers like Darksword Armoury, Art Gladius, and Legacy Arms, these medieval swords are made with a focus on authentic style and excellent craftsmanship. Whether you are dressing as a medieval warrior or want a unique accent piece for your home, you can find the perfect functional knight sword or knight display sword here at Buying a Sword.