The traditional weapon of the samurai during feudal Japan, the katana features a slender, single-edged blade with a moderate curve and a long, two-handed grip. Changes in close combat fighting led to the rising popularity of this Japanese sword, which allowed a faster draw time due to being worn at the waist with the edge facing up. In a best case scenario, this design would allow a samurai to draw the sword and attack in a single motion. Functional katana are still used in modern martial arts. At Buying a Sword, you will find many traditional katana crafted with authentic forging techniques, including decorative katana and functional katana. Various limited edition katana and high quality samurai swords are beautiful enough for display and sturdy enough for use. Whether you need a martial arts katana for training or a superb collectible katana for decor, you will uncover many unbeatable Japanese blades here at Buying a Sword.
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Black Circle Tsuba Katana

Item # ZS-926923
The tsuba, or guard, was typically the most ornate part of a samurai sword. Crafted by hand and with a blade made of carbon steel, the Black Circle Tsuba Katana is a remarkable display weapon with a unique, circle-shaped tsuba.
$57.00 $51.00

Black Dragon Samurai Sword Set

Item # MC-TR-030BK4
As dark falls, the shadows grow and conceal your presence from the enemy. You make it home, wielding the Black Dragon Samurai Sword Set. This set adds a wonderful touch to any decor and is also great for wielding on the battlefield.

Black Dragon Tsuba Katana

Item # NP-F-585
All your enemies fear you in battle. No matter the fight, you easily show your ferocity as you proudly wield the Black Dragon Tsuba Katana against them. This sword is not only functional but also looks great on display in your home.

Black Flower Guard Katana

Item # NP-KON04BK
As a mighty and powerful guardian of nature, you fend off any enemy. With the Black Flower Guard Katana in your hands, they are no threat to you. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

Black Flower Katana

Item # ZS-926921
Katana are known not only for their fast and deadly power, but their beauty as well, as the swords of samurai showed their nobility and wealth. The Black Flower Katana is inspired by Japanese sword styles and has a flower petal guard.
$57.00 $51.00

Black Japanese Sword Set

Item # ZS-926671-BK
Show honor and strength when you display this Black Japanese Sword Set. This set includes a katana, a wakizashi, and a tanto, the three blades of ancient Japanese samurai. Each traditional weapon is perfectly matched to the other.
$84.00 $76.00

Black Ninja Warrior Katana

Item # NP-K-9416-BK
If you are a fan of the myths surrounding the mysterious ninjas, then you may enjoy looking at and getting the decorative Black Ninja Warrior Katana. This sword makes a great addition to any collection, home decor, or office space.

Black Pearl Dragon Japanese Sword Set

Item # ZS-926764
The Black Pearl Dragon Japanese Sword Set includes three perfectly matched Japanese samurai blades, a katana, a wakizashi, and a tanto, all with beautifully pearlescent, traditional dragon designs on their solid black scabbards.
$84.00 $76.00

Black Serenity Samurai Katana

Item # NP-KON02BK
You find a great sense of serenity when outside and carry that feeling into your fighting style. You calmly wield the Black Serenity Samurai Katana. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

Black Shadow Warrior Samurai Sword

Item # NP-F-910-BK
The enemy is unable to detect your movements. You are quiet and swift when darting through the shadows, wielding the Black Shadow Warrior Samurai Sword. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

Black Swirl Tsuba Katana

Item # ZS-926922
The swords of samurai are known for their quick, narrow blades and ornate, highly detailed guards, called tsuba. The Black Swirl Tsuba Katana has a unique twist to its round guard, made of black metal in a swirling cut-out design.
$85.00 $77.00

Black Wave Dragon Katana

Item # NP-KON03BK
You follow the way of the dragon in your fighting style and life. To show off your dedication, you display the Black Wave Dragon Katana in your abode. This stainless-steel sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.