Hand Forged Pirate Boarding Axe


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Availability: 18 in stock

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Embark on adventure through the high seas with this Pirate Boarding Axe. Whether you’re sailing the seven seas, looting captured vessels, or boarding an enemy galleon, this pirate axe will be your loyal first mate.

Plunder the Seven Seas with Unmatched Quality

This isn’t merely a tool, it’s a reminder of when pirates ruled the waves, looking for lost treasures and fighting in epic skirmishes. Each Pirate Boarding Axe is hand crafted, promising the true spirit of historical authenticity for the modern-day adventurer.

Starting with the craftsmanship, this pirate hatchet boasts a carbon forged steel axe head that promises durability and resilience. Next, the teak wood handle, known for its grip strength and comfort, ensures your grip stays secure when boarding enemy vessels.

Furthermore, steel rivets fasten the axe head to the haft. Not only does this add to the aesthetic appeal, is also guarantees structural security. The pick behind the axe head is reinforced with langets that adds stability and security to the axe head. Additionally, the axe is dulled for reenactments and heavy medieval combat, ensuring safety and the thrill of battle.

Lastly, for those who wish to play the role of a notorious pirate captain, this boarding hatchet is the perfect companion to complete your cosplay. Not only can you finish a pirate cosplay with this swashbuckling weapon, you can finish your authentic Golden Age of Piracy costume for reenactments.

Designed for the Bold Fighter

Set sail on your next adventure holding a nod to the fearless nature of pirates who fought with untamed ferocity. With a blunt axe head tailored for SCA or heavy medieval combat, this piece is a versatile weapon for those daring to try something new.

Whether you’re boarding an enemy warship or standing your ground in a duel, this buccaneer hatchet is your ally for any reenactment event. Furthermore, the iconic pirate design evokes images of fearsome clashes of cannon and blade, plundering the high seas as symbols of fear and freedom.

In addition, with a length of nearly two feet, this privateer axe gives you the reach needed to gain the upper hand in a fight. To conclude, whether you’re an avid pirate enthusiast or reenactment fighter, this authentic privateer hatchet will be your trusted companion.

Maritime History in Your Hands

Owning this steel pirate axe is like holding a piece of history, when pirates and privateers lived life on the run and terrorized the seven seas. If boarding galleons and looting ports is not your style, no problem. Keep this piece of pirate weaponry in your collection.

Likewise, keeping this steel pirate axe in your arsenal will evoke the times of gunpowder, cannon fire, and legendary raiders like Blackbeard. Bring the age of discovery and swashbuckling into your private space too by hanging this steel hatchet up on the wall or resting it on your favorite weapon rack.

Key Features:

  • Iconic Swashbuckling Design: Flaunt your pirate-themed style with this classic boarding axe at your side.
  • Fight Like a True Privateer: To ensure your safety and that of your opponents, the axe head and pick are dulled for SCA and heavy medieval combat.
  • Elegant Wood Handle: The handle offers your grip a comfortable and firm strength for enduring maritime battles.
  • Secure Axe Head: Fastened to the haft with steel rivets, fight without fear of losing your axe head and confidently hang this weapon up on display.


  • Axe head and pick made of carbon steel
  • Handle made of teak wood


  • Overall Length: 23.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

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