Hand and a Half Swords

The term Hand and a Half sword arose in the late 19th century as a way to distinguish those medieval swords that could not be accurately categorized as single-handed swords or two-handed swords. Medieval hand and a half swords could be wielded with one or two hands, though they more closely resembled two hand swords than other bastard swords, another term used for similar designs. At Buying a Sword, our selection of medieval swords includes excellent hand and a half sword replicas. A number of our designs are battle-ready hand and a half swords ideal for training and re-enactments, while others are styled as decorative hand and a half swords for putting on display in your home or office. Crafted by fantastic manufacturers like Cold Steel, Darksword Armoury, Legacy Arms, and Deepeeka, these historical sword replicas are sure to impress!
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Classic Medieval Long Sword

Item # AH-3415
As swords evolved from the Middle Ages to the High and Late Middle Ages, they became longer and stronger. This Classic Medieval Long Sword, for instance, is an example of a Late Middle Age sword, made for use with one or two hands.

Cluny Hand and a Half Sword

Item # AH-3416
A few unique touches are enough to make this Cluny Hand and a Half Sword into a unique medieval arm, one that is not only appealing to look at, but also a fine blade that any warrior would want to carry as their weapon of choice.

Damascened Templar Knight Sword by Marto

Item # MA-597S
This Damascened Templar Knight Sword by Marto is an exquisite damascene, 24K Gold decorated version of a Templar knights sword, creating a fine accent that is perfect to display or carry at your side.

Dark Prince Sword

Item # ZS-901114
Do you have dark intentions of ruling a kingdom? Then this is the sword for you, as it looks like one for such an ambitious character. The Dark Prince Sword has a stainless steel blade with a traditional, double-edged knightly shape.

Early Irish Hilt Sword

Item # AH-3292
This sword predates the typical basket hilt Irish swords, although the lack of a basket hilt does not make this Early Irish Hilt Sword any less effective. In fact, this sword remains a viable option thanks to its blade design.

German Executioner Sword

Item # DS-1349
Not all swords were made for battle. Some were made for killing, and this German Executioner Sword is an example of one blade. Its distinctive design is made to be heavy, allowing for powerful, cleaving blows that made executions quick.

Gothic Bastard Sword

Item # AH-3370
The bastard sword, also known as the hand and a half sword, was an effective weapon of the medieval ages, and this Gothic Bastard Sword is no different, featuring the same design infused with a bit of gothic design for style.

Hand and a Half Broadsword

Item # SH2106
A hand and a half sword, also known as a bastard sword, is a very well known sword type from the medieval period. Now, with the Hand and a Half Broadsword, you can bring that iconic weapon into your reenactment battle or stage combat

Hand and a Half Sword

Item # 07-88HNH
You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile or effective sword than this bastard sword. Known also as a Hand and a Half Sword, this weapon is the epitome of rugged design that is brutally effective yet effortless in its look.
$440.89 $352.71

Man at Arms Hand and a Half Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88HNHM
An incredible sword which is balanced for use with either one or two hands, the Man at Arms Hand and a Half Sword by Cold Steel employs the styling of a bastard sword and is exceptionally designed for unparalleled versatility in battle.
$332.89 $266.31

Medieval Crest Sword with Plaque

Item # NP-L-668
A weapon display looks right at home in a medieval-themed decor. Add the Medieval Crest Sword with Plaque to your sword collection for a medieval look. This double-edged sword is sure to look great in your home or office space.

Medieval Hand and a Half Sword

Item # MC-HK-5521
As a style of weapon, the longsword is the workhorse of the sword family because it can do so much. This Medieval Hand and a Half Sword embodies the look of that iconic medieval weapon in a decorative piece for you to enjoy.