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Every battle ready sword available on Buying a Sword can be found here in the Functional Swords category. These combat weapons are crafted to be able to withstand the rigors of use, designed by renowned manufacturers like Tinker Pearce, Windlass, CAS Iberia, and Hanwei. Made from high carbon steel, many of these re-enactment swords are designed for historical accuracy, ensuring that they work equally well as collectibles and display weapons. These functional blades come in a range of styles inspired by various Cultures and Eras, including Scottish and Celtic, Roman, Greek, Viking, Medieval, Renaissance, Pirate, Civil War, Oriental, and others. Browse for a few moments, and you will see claymores, rapiers, broadswords, bastard swords, scimitars, sabers, cutlasses, shashkas, katana, hand and a half swords, and many, many more options to suit your needs.
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Warrior Tanto

Item # 07-88BT
Based on the daggers often wielded by Japanese samurai, the Warrior Tanto is a handsome blade in its own right. Beautifully crafted from heat treated, high performance steel, this functional dagger features a curved cutting point.
$359.02 $287.21

Warrior Wakizashi

Item # 07-88BWW
Wearing a wakizashi and katana together was once the official mark of a samurai. Now you can enjoy the elegance of the traditional Japanese weapon alongside high performance innovation when you wield the Warrior Wakizashi.
$435.97 $348.77

Warriors Longsword

Item # ZS-BT-2703
This is THE weapon you want when facing a horde of enemies or just one fearsome foe. Our Warriors Longsword is handmade and crafted from a high carbon steel, making it a functional sword intended for use in a variety of situations.

White Dragon Katana

Item # MC-JL-009HM
As you rush through the forest to your destination, you keep your eyes peeled for any enemy. You hold the White Dragon Katana out, ready to fight. This ornate sword makes a great addition to a reenactment outfit or collection.

White Flame Katana

Item # MC-MAZ-014W
Your experiences have forged your skill and prowess in battle. You wield the White Flame Katana as a reminder of your past and a sign for the future. This elegant sword makes a great addition to a reenactment outfit or collection.

White Sakura Jintachi with Burgundy Scabbard

Item # MC-TR-014MR
The jintachi is a modern-day design of ancient tachi swords, which were used by samurai prior to the development of the katana. The White Sakura Jintachi with Burgundy Scabbard serves as a great example of the Japanese blade.

White Warrior Guard Katana

Item # NP-KON04WT
The temple has requested that you take up the sword in defense of the land. Thus, you wield the White Warrior Guard Katana in battle against the enemy. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

White Windburst Damascus Katana

Item # NP-KON08WT
Sure in your movements, you are bound to defeat your enemy in battle. They cannot win against you while wielding the White Windburst Damascus Katana. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

William Wallace Claymore

Item # DS-1362
Most people know of William Wallace due to the film Braveheart, in which the character wielded an enormous two-handed sword. The William Wallace Claymore replicates this sword with beautiful precision and places it in your own hands.

William Wallace Steel Claymore

Item # ED2014
Whether you wish to become William Wallace or another brave Scottish warrior, take the William Wallace Steel Claymore into battle.

Wind and Thunder Katana

Item # SH5001
The Katana of the Wind and Thunder set is designed specifically for the martial artist who needs a sword to meet the demands of heavy target cutting. The Katana features a heavier and thicker blade with traditional furniture and fittings.

Wind and Thunder Wakizashi

Item # SH5024
The Wind and Thunder Wakizashi works great for tameshigiri, the Japanese art of target test cutting that began in the Edo period. It has a thick, heavy blade and includes a gorgeous wind and thunder design.