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Frogs, Belts & Baldrics

Buying a Sword carries frogs, belts, and baldrics for easily carrying your favorite weapon with you, whether as part of a costume, at the medieval fair, for reenactment events, or simply for fun. Here you will find all our leather sword frogs, axe frogs, dagger frogs, and rapier frogs for carrying your weapon at your side. Our leather sword belts are also great for wearing your sword at your next event. Leather baldrics hang like a sash, many featuring adjustable frogs to fit a variety of scabbards. Many of these sword holders are available in different colors and are available in right- or left-handed makes. If you are looking for a great way to carry your favorite blade around, then look no further than our selection of leather belts, frogs, and baldrics.
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Triple Buckle Black Leather Baldric

Item # HW-700980
A baldric places the weight of your sword on the shoulder for easy carrying and mobility. The Triple Buckle Black Leather Baldric is a stylish way to keep your favorite sword close, conveniently hanging diagonally at your side.

Triple Buckle Brown Leather Baldric

Item # HW-700751
For warriors who prefer to carry their weapon from their shoulder, the Triple Buckle Brown Leather Baldric makes a fantastic functional holster. This leather sword holder features three adjustable straps for securing various weapons.

Triple Triskele Sword Frog

Item # DK1076-8
Be sure your LARP weapon is at your side with the Triple Triskele Sword Frog. Essential for any LARP warrior, and with an effortless touch of style, this leather sword frog has three steel tone triskele conchos on its accent panel.

Ulrich Belt

Item # MY100357
Featuring a detailed brass buckle and tip, the Ulrich Belt is fit for wearing with LARP and historical reenactment outfits, particularly with the garb of nobility. Made from high-quality leather, this belt is both sturdy and stylish.

Universal Leather Frog

Item # DK1043
Originally this frog was designed as a drinking horn holder, but we soon found many other uses for it. This frog is also great for holding replica pistols and blunderbusses as well as LARP daggers, axes, and maces!

Universal Leather Sword Frog

Item # MC-PK-6183
There are better ways of keeping a sword at your side than just tucking it into a belt. Instead, try attaching this Universal Leather Sword Frog to your belt, and slip your sword and its scabbard into this frog for convenient carrying.

Universal Sword Frog

Item # MC-PK-6182
This Universal Sword Frog is designed to fit a wide variety of swords and scabbards, allowing them to be suspended from a belt via leather straps. It is made of black leather for a great look.

Universal Sword Frog - Brown

Item # HW-700458
As you head off on your next adventure, not knowing what dangers lie ahead, you will want to be sure that your sword or dagger is well within reach. The Brown Universal Sword Frog will keep your weapon securely fastened to your hip.

Universal Twin Blade Shoulder Harness

Item # MC-PK-6186
Does carrying two full-sized swords on your belt sound like a hassle you do not want to deal with? With the help of the Universal Twin Blade Shoulder Harness, you can keep those swords secured to your back!

US Army Enlisted Personnel Belt

Item # 200946
Our US Army Enlisted Personnel Belt is Government Spec and the current issue ceremonial sword belt. It features a 24K gold plated buckle with Army Coat of Arms and matching belt keepers. It comes in one adjustable size.

Viking Sword Frog

Item # DK1076-5
Viking warriors have a reputation for strength and brutality. Bring out your fighting spirit on the LARP battlefield with the Viking Sword Frog. This leather sword frog is great for LARP weapons, including swords, axes, and daggers.

Volkmar Sword Holder

Item # MY100898
Whether you are a swashbuckling pirate or loyal musketeer, a swordsman always needs a good way to carry their sword like our Volkmar Sword Holder. This frog is ideal for Renaissance faires, LARP battles, and fantasy conventions.