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Frogs, Belts & Baldrics

Buying a Sword carries frogs, belts, and baldrics for easily carrying your favorite weapon with you, whether as part of a costume, at the medieval fair, for reenactment events, or simply for fun. Here you will find all our leather sword frogs, axe frogs, dagger frogs, and rapier frogs for carrying your weapon at your side. Our leather sword belts are also great for wearing your sword at your next event. Leather baldrics hang like a sash, many featuring adjustable frogs to fit a variety of scabbards. Many of these sword holders are available in different colors and are available in right- or left-handed makes. If you are looking for a great way to carry your favorite blade around, then look no further than our selection of leather belts, frogs, and baldrics.
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Simple Leather Sword Frog

Item # DK1051
Complexity is not always a good thing. Imagine if your sword frog was too complex and caused your blade to get stuck! That is why this Simple Leather Sword Frog is so great, as it allows you to easily draw your weapon!

Simple Studded Buckle Belt

Item # DK2015
Our Medieval Buckle Belts are made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. It is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. They are a must for anyone going to the fair and they go great with any outfit.

Simple Studded Ring Belt

Item # DK2001
Our Studded Medieval Ring Belt is perfect for any medieval or renaissance outfit. Made of 7/8 oz. leather, it is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. It is a must for anyone going to the Fair!

Simple Studded Wide Buckle Belt

Item # DK2019
Our 3 inch Wide Simple Studded Buckle Belt Wear it with your kilt, Renaissance Garb, or normal clothing, whatever pleases you! It is made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather, and is available in black or brown with silver hardware.

Sky Hook Back Harness

Item # MCI-3338
Wearing a sword on your hip is not a requirement in a medieval or fantasy setting! In fact, you might find that wearing a sword on your back with the Sky Hook Back Harness may add that epic flair you have been looking for!

Small Black Leather Frog

Item # HW-701168
Sized for daggers but with an adjustable fit, the Small Black Leather Frog holds your weapon secure at your side without overwhelming your outfit. This handcrafted leather belt frog is intended to rest on the left side of the wearer.

Small Brown Leather Frog

Item # HW-701169
Perfect for daggers and other thin blades, the Small Brown Leather Frog is handcrafted from high quality leather. Its leather laces can be adjusted to suit a range of different blade sizes, then are pulled tight to secure.

Studded Brown Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-330
The Studded Brown Buckle Belt is a simple belt that features an attractive and decorative buckle on a hand-crafted quality leather belt. This belt meshes well with almost any look, and can even be used with contemporary styles.

Studded Ring Belt

Item # MCI-333
The Studded Ring Belt is made from leather and features a design that deviates slightly from a traditional ring belt. Despite this difference, the belt behaves exactly like a ring belt should, securing clothing and holding weight.

Templar Leather Belt

Item # MCI-384
The Templar Leather Belt features a long length ideal for pairing with a knightly tunic. This handmade belt sports a large two pronged buckle at its end, making it a sturdy accessory for medieval LARP and historic reenactment.

Three Buckle Rapier Frog

Item # DK1020
Our Rapier Frog is designed to suspend your rapier from a waist belt up to 1.5 inches wide. Three adjustable straps secure the rapier. This frog will fit any size rapier and secure it to your side.

Throwing Knife Belt Frog

Item # DK1085
Rogues and bandits prowling about the countryside need to hold many weapons at the ready. You keep your best blade in the Throwing Knife Belt Frog. This frog is great for LARP events, cosplay conventions, and historical reenactments.