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Frogs, Belts & Baldrics

Buying a Sword carries frogs, belts, and baldrics for easily carrying your favorite weapon with you, whether as part of a costume, at the medieval fair, for reenactment events, or simply for fun. Here you will find all our leather sword frogs, axe frogs, dagger frogs, and rapier frogs for carrying your weapon at your side. Our leather sword belts are also great for wearing your sword at your next event. Leather baldrics hang like a sash, many featuring adjustable frogs to fit a variety of scabbards. Many of these sword holders are available in different colors and are available in right- or left-handed makes. If you are looking for a great way to carry your favorite blade around, then look no further than our selection of leather belts, frogs, and baldrics.
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Pistol Baldric

Item # RT-212
When heading into battle or traveling through a dangerous place, you need to be well-equipped for any eventuality. The Pistol Baldric allows you to easily carry additional weapons in its slots, pockets, and holster.

Raban Double Sword Holder

Item # MY100909
When attempting a quest or adventures, it is a wise idea to carry more than one sword. Prepare for any enemy by using the Raban Double Sword Holder. This LARP sword frog works great for medieval and Renaissance roleplaying events.

Ready For Battle Double Sword Harness

Item # MCI-3083

When you need to be well-armed for a battle or secret mission, make sure you can carry as many weapons as possible. The Ready for Battle Double Sword Harness offers a great option for toting two blades with ease and comfort.


Ready For Battle Large Frog

Item # MCI-3003
Your sword has witnessed your bravery during battle and has been there to help you overcome all odds. Your tool of dominance has earned the right to be at your side when you need it, with the Ready for Battle Large Frog.

Ready For Battle Medium Frog

Item # MCI-3002
Your sword works just as hard as you do when it comes to battling an army or defending the king. Just as you do, your sword needs a proper place to rest, and the Ready for Battle Medium Frog can help you keep your sword near.

Ready For Battle Small Frog

Item # MCI-3001
You do not always need your sword, but you can keep it near with the Ready for Battle Small Frog. Whether you are in a tavern enjoying a drink or have just defeated an enemy, this item will keep your sword where it needs to be.

Riveted Leather Belt

Item # MCI-381
Panels of high quality black and brown leather come together to form the Riveted Leather Belt. Handmade with attention to detail, this historic inspired belt features stylish metallic rivets along the edges between each color.

Rogue Swordholder

Item # MCI-3080

Rogues carry many different kinds of weapons, including swords that they brandish at unwitting travelers and enemies. The Rogue Swordholder is an excellent option for keeping your bladed LARP weapon close at hand at all times.


Roman Leather Baldric

Item # 200368-Brn
The baldric is the leather strap that goes across your chest and lets your sword hang at your hip. This Roman Leather Baldric is styled after the ones from ancient Rome and is a perfect accent to any legionnaire or Centurion look.

Saxon Black Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-331
If you are looking for a long black leather belt to compliment your new look, whether it is gothic or medieval, then you have found it in the Saxon Black Buckle Belt. This belt is made from leather and fits well into most styles.

Scottish Belt

Item # MCI-383
With its silver tone metallic details, stylish Celtic knot designs, and unique criss cross structure, the Scottish Belt makes an intriguing addition to reenactment outfits, especially as an accessory for traditional Scottish ensembles.

Simple Leather Axe Frog

Item # DK1078
The Simple Leather Axe Frog is ideal for keeping your trusty axe at your side throughout your adventures. This leather belt slide is made of high quality, vegetable tanned leather and has a metal O-ring for carrying a single axe.