Forgotten Dreams

Since 2001, Forgotten Dreams has creating LARP weaponry that is both incredibly realistic in appearance and safe for use at live action roleplay events. Drawing inspiration from both history and fantasy, their LARP weapons range from ancient Roman daggers to elven fantasy staves, Crusader swords, and beyond. No matter what era your LARP character hails from, you are sure to find a LARP sword to suit their style amongst our selection of Forgotten Dreams products here at Buying A Sword. Each weapon is constructed with high quality foam around a fiberglass core that is both sturdy and flexible. The foam itself is made of closed cell polyethylene, which is resistant to tearing. Coated with a protective layer of latex, the weapons are given expert coloration for an authentic look. Over that, each weapon is finished with elastic gloss for added resiliency against everyday abrasion. When maintained properly, Forgotten Dreams weapons will withstand battle after battle, making them a trusted choice when it comes to stocking up your LARP arsenal.
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Imperial Sergeant LARP Long Sword

Item # FD-1045
Charge into battle with the might of a medieval Crusader when you wield the Imperial Sergeant LARP Long Sword. A medieval cross, in realistic golden color, adorns the pommel of the weapon as a token of the ancient wars long past.

Imperial Sergeant LARP Sword

Item # FD-1047
Stately in design and realistic in detail, the Imperial Sergeant LARP Sword is fit for a noble knight embarking on a crusade. The golden colored pommel of this live action roleplay weapon takes the shape of a square medieval cross.

Latex Milk

Item # FD-1098
Use Latex Milk to coat your own DIY LARP weaponry. Useful in adding durability to self-customized or self-made LARP gear, this low ammonia formula is an essential crafting component your LARP swords and shields should not go without.

Medieval Gralsritter LARP Axe

Item # FD-1049
Expertly crafted to resemble weaponry from a time long past, the Medieval Gralsritter LARP Axe is fit for any wicked live action roleplay warrior. Atop the dark, wood-like haft sits a fiercely angled, bearded axe blade.

Medieval Knight LARP Axe

Item # FD-1069
Free from adornment, the Medieval Knight LARP Axe is ready to take a hearty swing at your opponent during your next live action roleplay battle. Its dark wood and steel-like coloration lend it a distinguished and realistic appearance.

Medieval Knight LARP Dagger

Item # FD-1070
In the right hands, a small blade such as the Medieval Knight LARP Dagger can be a formidable tool for destruction. With subtle elegance, this foam LARP knife is expertly crafted to imitate the look of authentic steel weaponry.

Medieval Knight LARP Long Sword

Item # FD-1072
The cool, metallic colored blade of the Medieval Knight LARP Long Sword is sure to serve you well in your next LARP battle. Made of durable, closed cell foam, this live action roleplay weapon is a ready to challenge any formidable foe.

Medieval Knight LARP Mace

Item # FD-1073
In metallic gray reminiscent of steel, the flanges of the Medieval Knight LARP Mace threaten with their authentic-looking detail. Made of foam, this live action roleplay mace is a realistic replication of historic bludgeoning weapons.

Medieval Knight LARP Sword

Item # FD-1071
A good sword is an essential companion for any adventurous LARPer. Sure to serve its wielder well, the Medieval Knight LARP Sword features an authentic, metallic gray look. This sleek blade is made of durable polyethylene foam.

Medieval LARP Claymore

Item # FD-1048
With a blade so mighty, yet elegantly framed by the curling arms of its guard, the Medieval LARP Claymore is a live action roleplay weapon to behold. Made of high quality polyethylene foam, it is coated in latex with gloss finish.

Medieval Paladin LARP Dagger

Item # FD-1061
With a stylish, golden-colored cross guard and pommel that draw inspiration from the historic fleur de lis symbol, the Medieval Paladin LARP Dagger is an elegant live action roleplay weapon ideal for attacking at the closest of ranges.

Medieval Paladin LARP Long Sword

Item # FD-1063
In a noble golden color, the Medieval Paladin LARP Long Sword is adorned with fleur de lis details. The ideal weapon for any honorable knight, its realistic construction makes it a must have weapon for historic-themed LARP events.