Fantasy Swords

Fantasy swords come in a wide array of imaginative styles, often featuring unique ornamentation for dramatic appearances. At Buying a Sword, we carry many high quality fantasy blades, including licensed sword replicas from fantasy franchises like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, the Wheel of Time, the Legend of Zelda, Assassins Creed, and others. These pieces include replicas of iconic swords like Anduril, Sting, the Master Sword, the Atlantean sword, Oathkeeper, and Longclaw. Other swords here have fantastical elements to their designs, making them unique display pieces and collectibles. This includes a variety of dragon swords, goddess swords, fantasy katana, and zombie swords. When you want a functional or decorative sword that is certain to stand out, be sure to shop our selection of fantasy swords.
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Halfling Short Sword

Item # IP-091-2
Inspired by the look of Sting in the Lord of the Rings films, the Halfling Short Sword makes a great looking fantasy weapon to add to your home arsenal. This functional sword is forged by hand for an impressive feel.

Heroes Omen Sword

Item # NP-FS61
Any proper hero should strike fear into their enemies. Their fantasy decor should do the same. Add the Heroes Omen Sword to your home or office space. This sword is sure to catch the eye of any viewer that gets a glimpse of it.

Horned Demon Fantasy Scimitar

Item # NP-HWT41BK
When you wish to add a dark fantasy aesthetic to your decor, make sure to remember to add a bladed weapon like the Horned Demon Fantasy Scimitar. This sword makes a great addition to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

Ice The Sword of Eddard Stark

Item # Game-9
Ned Stark embodied the values of the North. As the scion of one of the great Houses of Westeros, Ned had considerable power, as well as great skill in war. Now, you can make Ice, the Sword of Eddard Stark, your own.

Ivanhoe Sword by Marto

Item # MA-539S
Commemorating Sir Walter Scotts novel of the same name, the Ivanhoe Sword by Marto is named for the hero within the novel which, set in 12th century England, embodies a near-perfect blend of history, chivalry, and adventure.

Ivanhoe Sword with Plaque

Item # NP-L-81014-P
Inspired by Walter Scotts literary hero, the Ivanhoe Sword with Plaque features a stainless steel medieval style blade made remarkable through intricate and ornate heraldic detail and antique brass finishing throughout its hilt.

Ivanhoe Sword with Sheath

Item # NP-L-81014-SH
From Sir Walter Scotts tale of chivalry, romance, and medievalism, the breakout hero Ivanhoe emerged. Made of stainless steel, the Ivanhoe Sword with Sheath is a collectible blade modeled after the weapon of the main character.

Leaf Bladed Demon Fantasy Sword

Item # NP-HWT44BK
Within your sword collection, you proudly show off bladed weapons that remind you of your greatest feats like the Leaf Bladed Demon Fantasy Sword. This sword makes a great addition to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

Lion Head Engraved Sword

Item # NP-FS29
You are as fierce as a lion in battle. All respect your prowess in combat. Because of this, the Lion Head Engraved Sword hangs proudly in your home. This bladed weapon makes a great addition to any home decor or sword collection.

Longclaw the Sword of Jon Snow

Item # Game-11
A bastard for a bastard - Longclaw the Sword of Jon Snow is a bastard sword wielded by Jon Snow, the bastard son of Eddard Stark. This replica is made from the finest materials and is a stunning collectible for any fan to own.

Medieval Fantasy Arrow Sword

Item # ZS-901116
Inspired not by the blades from history, but instead from the fantastic appeal of fiction, this Medieval Fantasy Arrow Sword possesses a number of elements that make it distinctive, the greatest of which is the unique blade.

Merlin the Magician Sword by Marto

Item # MA-770S
Merlin is, perhaps, as famous a name as Arthur. Arthurs tutor in his informative years, Merlin taught Arthur everything he needed to know to be king. The Merlin the Magician Sword, by Marto, pays tribute this inscrutable character.