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Epic Armoury specializes in live action roleplaying gear perfect for new and experienced LARPers. Buying a Sword carries a great selection of Epic Armoury weapons, crafted from their durable foam latex with strong cores and Kevlar tips to allow pieces to withstand years of battle. These detailed LARP weapons come in a range of designs from medieval to fantasy, ensuring that you can find the perfect piece to suit your character. These foam latex weapons include LARP swords, LARP daggers, LARP war hammers, LARP battle axes, LARP maces, and LARP polearms of various kinds. In addition to being used in LARP combat, these roleplaying weapons work great for stage fighting, offering a safer experience than metal or wooden weapons without losing anything in terms of appearance. With their economical prices, these high quality Epic Armoury LARP weapons make great picks for your next event!

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Wood Elf LARP Dagger

Item # MCI-3551
Elves in the forest make sure that they have the equipment to protect their precious home. They wield awesome weapons like this Wood Elf LARP Dagger. This LARP dagger is ideal for roleplaying battles, cosplay conventions, and more.

Wooden LARP Club

Item # MCI-3489
The Wooden LARP Club looks like a choice branch pulled straight from the forest and repurposed as a powerful bludgeon. Skillfully crafted to look like dark wood, this woodland fantasy mace is made of soft and durable latex foam.

Wooden LARP Short Staff

Item # MCI-2096
Keep enemies at bay and more importantly at distance with the Wooden LARP Short Staff. This stunning LARP stave is a versatile travel companion for any adventure that crosses dangerous terrain or different opponents.

Woodsman LARP Throwing Axe

Item # MCI-3664
As you stalk through the forest, you keep an eye out for prey. You see an animal, throw the Woodsman LARP Throwing Axe, and now have something to eat. Add this foam throwing axe to your array of LARP weaponry or cosplay costume.

Yari LARP Spear

Item # MCI-3044
A traditionally Japanese blade crafted in the form of a straight-headed spear, the yari possesses a rich history and wide functionality. The Yari LARP Spear makes a great addition to your roleplaying pole weapons arsenal.