Dragon Swords

One of the most popular magical creatures, dragons decorate many things, including this fantastic selection of dragon swords. We carry both functional and decorative swords. They come in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and high carbon steel. Also, they feature a variety of styles. These styles include katanas and fantasy style short swords among others. In addition, many of the swords have a dragon decorating the handle. Some of them continue the dragon theme onto the blade. If you are searching for an amazing sword, take a look here. We have multiple options for you to choose from. Stop by and browse this awesome selection.

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Engraved Dragon Mahogany Katana

Item # MC-RY-3044
Many katana straddle the line between artwork and functional blade, displaying intricate ornamentation that makes them such beautiful collectibles. The Engraved Dragon Mahogany Katana is an excellent example with its ornate look.
$483.00 $338.09

Bronze Dragon Katana with Dragon Scabbard

Item # MC-RY-3200
Shown as serpentine water deities, Japanese dragons appear in many legends and pieces of artwork. The Bronze Dragon Katana with Dragon Scabbard draws upon the mythological creature for the inspiration of its elegant ornamentation.

Dragon Print Handmade Katana

Item # NP-F-570-DG
The Dragon Print Handmade Katana is a beautiful work of art, a weapon sure to win over your samurai warrior spirit. This hand-forged katana features gorgeous ornamentation and is constructed from 1045 carbon steel with a long fuller.

Damascus Dragon Katana

Item # NP-F-703-A
Throughout Japanese mythology and folklore, dragons are often depicted as large, wingless, serpentine water deities associated with rainfall and bodies of water. This Damascus Dragon Katana displays the mythical creature in its design.
$362.50 $253.75

Japanese Katana with Dragon Guard

Item # NP-F-913
This Japanese Katana with Dragon Guard will make a great addition to your cutlery collection. It comes in a beautiful black scabbard that provides protection for the piece when it is not in use, and it features a mythical dragon theme.

Samurai Katana with Dragon Tsuba

Item # NP-F-920-BK
Whether you are new to sword collecting or a seasoned aficionado, you will instantly appreciate the beauty and heritage of this classically inspired katana. The Samurai Katana with Dragon Tsuba is an excellent piece of workmanship.