Dragon Swords

One of the most popular magical creatures, dragons decorate many things, including this fantastic selection of dragon swords. We carry both functional and decorative swords. They come in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and high carbon steel. Also, they feature a variety of styles. These styles include katanas and fantasy style short swords among others. In addition, many of the swords have a dragon decorating the handle. Some of them continue the dragon theme onto the blade. If you are searching for an amazing sword, take a look here. We have multiple options for you to choose from. Stop by and browse this awesome selection.

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Midnight Dragon Sword

Item # ZS-926750
A cloudless sky greets the guards as they resume their nightly post. A soft clink draws their attention to the right. The moonlight reflects off cold steel as the samurai warrior removes the Midnight Dragon Sword from its sheath.

Black Pearl Dragon Japanese Sword Set

Item # ZS-926764
The Black Pearl Dragon Japanese Sword Set includes three perfectly matched Japanese samurai blades, a katana, a wakizashi, and a tanto, all with beautifully pearlescent, traditional dragon designs on their solid black scabbards.

Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-118
Standing at the precipice, the fighter turns to face her adversary. She extends her arm, the Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword reflecting the morning light. She is calm, secure in the training that has led her to this moment.

Celestial Dragon Samurai Sword

Item # MC-MAZ-401
Graceful beauty and heavenly strength are words ascribed to the Japanese dragon. Modeled after the traditional Japanese style katana, the Celestial Dragon Samurai Sword is an ornamental sword that honors the celestial dragon image.

Mythical Water Dragon Sword

Item # MC-MAZ-401M
Powerful, flowing like water, the Japanese samurai sword moves gracefully in the hands of its wielder. With the fluid lines of a Damascus steel blade, the Mythical Water Dragon Sword embodies this captivating image.

Oriental Dragon Katana

Item # MC-RY-3041
Dragons appear throughout Japanese folklore and mythology as serpentine deities often associated with water. The Oriental Dragon Katana displays this mystical creature in the ornamentation of the bronze sword guard.