Dragon King

Dedicated to producing some of the highest quality swords around, Dragon King demonstrates superlative talent in its group of trained artisans under the leadership of master designer, Frenchie Jin. The Dragon King way involves the duplication of ancient skillsets that cannot be automated on an assembly line to make sure that each piece aspires to greatness. Combining traditional style with modern science and construction techniques, these oriental swords and other functional blades are crafted from high end materials for impressive performance and stunning appearances. Here at Buying a Sword, we provide top notch Dragon King merchandise for weapons enthusiasts and collectors to enjoy. Hail the King the next time you are in the market for a katana or Chinese sword.
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Lotus Seed Katana

Item # SD35270
The lotus seed grows in the muck before emerging as a blossoming stalk. As the bloom fades, the seeds fall into the mud, continuing the cycle of rebirth. The Lotus Seed Katana is inspired by this circular journey of enlightenment.

Lotus Seed Wakizashi

Item # SD35310
The Lotus Seed Wakizashi is inspired by the lotus plant, whose cyclical life cycle, from humble seed to stately flower, represents the circular journey of enlightenment. Rooted in mud, the lotus presents a beautiful pure blossom.

Octopus Sword Cane

Item # SD12751
A chameleon of the sea hiding in plain sight from its predators, the octopus makes the perfect accent for this concealed weapon. The Octopus Sword Cane features a gorgeous cast octopus at the top of its rigid, carbon fiber shaft.

Pine Crane Katana

Item # SD35290
The red-crowned crane holds profound respect and power in the Japanese mythos, believed to live for a thousand years. The pine tree is another symbol of power, longevity, and wisdom. Both are represented on the Pine Crane Katana.

Pine Crane Wakizashi

Item # SD35300
A Japanese idiom depicts the crane, symbolizing respect and power, as having the final word of authority in a debate. The pine tree is another symbol of power, longevity, and wisdom. Both are represented on the Pine Crane Wakizashi.

Savior Katana

Item # SD35250
Adorned after magnificent kami spirits, the Savior Katana is the epitome of the guardian. Crafted with some strong modern materials, this incredible sword features the exclusive style and efficiency of traditional Japanese weaponry.

Shi Katana

Item # SD35280
Blackest of the black and deadlier than death, the Shi Katana epitomizes the true function of the katana when carried to its ultimate end. The flash of the black skull shaped guard warns any would-be assassin of your lethal skill.

Skull Cane with Spike

Item # SD12720
A symbol of mortality, the skull serves as a warning and reminder of the inevitable fate of the living. The Skull Cane with Spike empowers its owner to influence destiny by warding off any who would bring about a too soon end.

Spring Sakura Katana

Item # SD35190
Bursting into vibrant color every spring, the sakura, or cherry blossom, soon fades and falls. The Spring Sakura Katana represents this beautiful Japanese illustration of the transience of life with a gorgeous cherry blossom motif.

Summer Lotus Katana

Item # SD35200
A fruitful season of growth and vitality, the summer season provides the inspiration for this lovely themed katana. The tsuba of the Summer Lotus Katana expresses a water garden scene with a lotus blossom and tree motif.

Taotie Jian Longsword

Item # SD13790
The legend of the taotie remains deeply rooted in Chinese culture, going back to the Neolithic age and Shang and Zhou dynasties. The Taotie Jian Longsword uses the mythological gluttonous monster as a decorative motif.

Tatsu-Maki Katana

Item # SD35120
Ominous clouds gather in the distance, thunder and lightning signifying just how close this torrent is. The fearsome dragon of legend escapes his prison, his catastrophic power pouring out in a cyclone from the Tatsu-Maki Katana.