Dragon Daggers

Buying a Sword is proud to offer this fantastic array of dragon daggers. These daggers display wicked looking blades, many with more than one in their design. A large number of our ornamental daggers come with a display stand or wall plaque to make it easy to show off your latest find. From straight to curved blades, they come in a variety of styles. Many of them have a dragon featured on the handle. Other daggers continue the dragon theme onto the blade. Explore our range of high-quality daggers to see the many different options we offer. You are sure to find something that will interest you.

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Red Wyvern and Dragon Dagger

Item # ZS-211155-RD
A wyvern with sinuous neck and tail faces off against a dragon crouched with wings unfurled. The mythical beasts are poised for battle on this Red Wyvern and Dragon Dagger, an excellent addition to any fantasy blade collection.

Merlin the Magician Dagger by Marto

Item # MA-720S
Merlin is, perhaps, almost as famous a name as Arthur. Arthurs tutor in his informative years, Merlin taught Arthur everything he needed to know. The Merlin the Magician Dagger, by Marto, pays tribute this inscrutable character.

Draconic Handle Fantasy Dagger

Item # MC-FM-663
Designed with a fantasy styling, the Draconic Handle Fantasy Dagger is a spectacular decorative weapon which features an eye catching dragon theme on both the elegantly curved handle and the sleek, satin finished blade.

Oriental Monastery Guard Dagger

Item # ZS-210181
With an impressive design, this Oriental Monastery Guard Dagger has been specially crafted in order to honor the ancient practice of monasticism amongst Buddhist monks. This dagger would make a stunning addition to any collection.

Silver Bladed Finger Armor

Item # MC-MC-1026
If you are looking to provide protection for yourself and your finger, then look no further than the Silver Bladed Finger Armor. Hinged plates and a blade combine to make this gothic and fantasy accessory a work of art.