Add authenticity to your historical re-enactment or personal collection with the addition of fantastic Deepeeka weapons from Buying a Sword. The Deepeeka brand produces excellent decorative swords and weapons replicas from a variety of historical periods and cultures ranging between medieval, Greco-Roman, Viking, Egyptian, Celtic, and beyond. The types of ornamental weapons include pole arms, axes, daggers, maces, war hammers, and others. The collectible swords make great costume swords, training weapons, or display pieces. The decorative weapons are crafted with authenticity in mind, making these Deepeeka products a great choice for re-enactors and collectors. Whether you are looking for a bec de corbin, a flanged mace, a Turkish scimitar, a medieval arming sword, a pugio dagger, or a Renaissance rapier, you can find something of interest here!
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Fencers Swept Hilt Rapier

Item # AH-3405
As swords became lighter, carrying and fighting with one became popular among civilians. This Fencers Swept Hilt Rapier is one sword that a noble might have carried, as much for self-defense as a symbol of personal skill and prestige.

Five Lobe Viking Sword

Item # AH-6963
When it came to swords, Vikings had a surprisingly diverse taste. Far from just wanting sharpened steel, they tended to favor ornate blades. This Five Lobe Viking Sword, for instance, is a combination of subtle detail and effective form.

Flanged Medieval Mace

Item # AH-6081
A good Flanged Medieval Mace is just what you need to get past any opponents armor. Not only does a mace pack considerable impact, but the angular flanges also offer a good chance of piercing armor, including plate, in some instances!

Flat Sgian Dubh

Item # AH-3255F
It is often the little touches that transform an attire into something great. For the classic Scottish Highland look, one of those little touches is a black dagger, like this Flat Sgian Dubh, tucked into your sock on one side.

Foot Soldier's War Hammer

Item # AH-4125
As armor got better, blades became less effective, although weapons like this Foot Soldier's War Hammer remained, being extremely effective against armored and unarmored foes, as the hammer delivered considerable impact either way.

French Grenadier Infantry Sword

Item # AH-3411
Sabers have been favored the world over, for hundreds of years, as military swords, and this French Grenadier Infantry Sword reaches back into the 1700s, serving as a symbol of office and rank, as well as a battlefield companion.

Gallowglass Sword

Item # AH-3418
The Scots were not without their own mercenary force in the Middle Ages, and theirs were, locally, some of the best fighters around. This Gallowglass Sword is based on the weapon of that group, as well as carrying their name!

Gladiator's Trident

Item # AH-6252
A trident is a vicious three-pronged spear that was often used by gladiators during the course of their grueling fights. A Gladiator's Trident was wielded by a retarius gladiator, a lightly armored warrior modeled after a fisherman.


Item # AH-3503
Not all medieval pole weapons were made for thrusting and stabbing. Some, like the Glaive, combined the strengths of a spear and a sword, creating a weapon that had the range of a spear with the ability to slash and cut like a sword.

Gothic Bastard Sword

Item # AH-3370
The bastard sword, also known as the hand and a half sword, was an effective weapon of the medieval ages, and this Gothic Bastard Sword is no different, featuring the same design infused with a bit of gothic design for style.

Greek Bronze Spear Parts

Item # AH-6126
The sword may have been the favored close combat weapon of the Greek warrior, but it was the spear that was considered a hoplites primary weapon. With the Greek Bronze Spear Parts, you will be able to recreate this essential weapon.

Greek Sword

Item # AH-4212
While curved swords might have been used by the Greeks for their cutting power, oftentimes Greek hoplites and warriors were equipped with a straight sword, like the Greek Sword, because of its martial effectiveness and reliability.