Add authenticity to your historical re-enactment or personal collection with the addition of fantastic Deepeeka weapons from Buying a Sword. The Deepeeka brand produces excellent decorative swords and weapons replicas from a variety of historical periods and cultures ranging between medieval, Greco-Roman, Viking, Egyptian, Celtic, and beyond. The types of ornamental weapons include pole arms, axes, daggers, maces, war hammers, and others. The collectible swords make great costume swords, training weapons, or display pieces. The decorative weapons are crafted with authenticity in mind, making these Deepeeka products a great choice for re-enactors and collectors. Whether you are looking for a bec de corbin, a flanged mace, a Turkish scimitar, a medieval arming sword, a pugio dagger, or a Renaissance rapier, you can find something of interest here!
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Broad Bill

Item # AH-3515
Versatile and variable, the bill was a weapon to use in the Middle Ages, and as such, they came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some had long, needle points for thrusting, while others, like this Broad Bill, were for cleaving.

Broad German Hunting Dagger

Item # AH-3140
In the bygone era, hunting was a common way to provide for your family. This Broad German Hunting Dagger is a recreation of a detailed hunting dagger that not only boasts a handsome design, but also an effective look too.

Broad Halberd

Item # AH-3513M
What is the best way to make a halberd more effective? One look at this Broad Halberd will tell you that making the axe head broader is the way to go. A broader blade adds weight and mass to every strike the weapon makes.

Bronze Celtic Antennae Sword

Item # AH-2101
Not all Celtic weapons were designed with function in mind. Take, for example, the Bronze Celtic Antennae Sword. This weapon features an effective blade and a hilt set with a flowing, decorative pommel, all cast in bronze.

Bronze Celtic Short Sword

Item # AH-2103
Seldom does a warrior go into battle with just one weapon, and even if you do not plan on wielding it, it is always nice to have a back-up. The Bronze Celtic Short Sword is based on a blade that would have went with many warriors to war.

Bronze Celtic War Sword

Item # AH-2102
Despite any differences between bronze and steel, there is no denying that Bronze Age weapons possess an appearance that rivals those of steel. The Bronze Celtic War Sword, for instance, has a fine gilded look that is undeniable.

Bronze Head Celtic Dagger

Item # AH-4326
A personal weapon should be unique and distinctive, and few can offer such a trait as well as this Bronze Head Celtic Dagger. The appeal derives from the hilt, which, cast in bronze, is shaped like a man, complete with a head pommel.

Cast Tomahawk

Item # AH-3929
Not all tomahawks are created equal, and neither are all axes, for that matter. This Cast Tomahawks simple name belies its useful nature, all of which comes from a multipurpose axe head that would excel at both cutting and piercing.

Celtic Gladiator Sword

Item # AH-6425
The Romans had a habit of replicating conquered enemies in the gladiatorial pits, allowing citizens to relive the conquests of the armies. Even weapons like this Celtic Gladiator Sword could be found in the hands of a gladiator.

Celtic Short Sword

Item # AH-4324
Not all situations called for a traditional sword. Sometimes, a warrior needed something smaller, but still big enough to be battle-ready. In those moments, Celtic warriors would likely reach for a blade like this Celtic Short Sword.

Chained Renaissance Saber

Item # AH-4226
Not all sabers are curved swords that saw use in the military. Some, like this Chained Renaissance Saber, were more ornate pieces that would suit the style of a duelist, renaissance gentleman, or a sword-master who has need of a blade.

Chieftain's Viking Sword with Scabbard

Item # AH-3305M
Modeled after the typical Viking sword, this blade is a weapon fit for a Viking leader or warlord. Historical in its design, the Chieftain's Viking Sword with Scabbard is a straight-forward blade that was designed for battle.