Add authenticity to your historical re-enactment or personal collection with the addition of fantastic Deepeeka weapons from Buying a Sword. The Deepeeka brand produces excellent decorative swords and weapons replicas from a variety of historical periods and cultures ranging between medieval, Greco-Roman, Viking, Egyptian, Celtic, and beyond. The types of ornamental weapons include pole arms, axes, daggers, maces, war hammers, and others. The collectible swords make great costume swords, training weapons, or display pieces. The decorative weapons are crafted with authenticity in mind, making these Deepeeka products a great choice for re-enactors and collectors. Whether you are looking for a bec de corbin, a flanged mace, a Turkish scimitar, a medieval arming sword, a pugio dagger, or a Renaissance rapier, you can find something of interest here!
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Voulge Gisarme

Item # AH-3532
Many pole weapons of the Middle Ages were designed by the peasants, who took hand tools and combined them with long poles to make weapons. This Voulge Gisarme is no different, combining a cleaving blade, simple hook, and a point.

Wallace Scottish Sword

Item # AH-3239
The Wallace Scottish Sword is based on a blade that was reported to have been wielded by William Wallace in the Battle of Stirling Bridge and in the Battle of Falkirk in the Wars of Scottish Independence, when this hero made his name.

War Axe

Item # AH-4126
Axes have traditionally been used for a wide variety of purposes, being both a weapon and a tool. This War Axe, though, is less a tool and more a weapon of war, designed purely for use on the field of battle.

Warriors Khopesh Sword

Item # AH-4316
With its curved, sickle-like shape, the khopesh of Ancient Egypt was a deadly and versatile, weapon. This Warriors Khopesh Sword recreates its shape for the modern-day enthusiast to own, enjoy, and even carry, if they should so desire.

Warrior's Viking Sword with Scabbard

Item # AH-4101M
Modeled after the Viking sword, this blade is suited for a respectable and strong Viking Warrior. Classic and historical in its design, the Warrior's Viking Sword with Scabbard is a straight-forward blade that was designed for war.

WW2 Army Officers Cavalry Sword

Item # AH-3131
High officers in the military were not the only ones who carried ceremonial swords. Even sub-officers sometimes carried them. This WW2 Army Officers Cavalry Sword, for instance, reflects a more subdued design for lower ranks.

WW2 Army Officers Saber

Item # AH-3132
This WW2 Army Officer Saber combines the heraldic look of the lion with the equally potent symbolism of the sword to create a powerful weapon that embodies the notions of military might, leadership, and personal skill.

WW2 Infantry Officers Sword

Item # AH-3133
As a symbol, the sword stands for military might and prowess, and as such, it has remained a side-arm of military units across the world. This WW2 Infantry Officers Sword is a more modern take on the traditional officers small sword.