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The Decorative Swords category here at Buying a Sword contains every ornamental sword available on the site. These collectible weapons are crafted with attention to detail by top manufacturers like Marto, Art Gladius, and Denix, often featuring precious metals, gems, engraving, sculpted handles, and other embellishments that make them ideal for display. A number of these excellent decorative blades are licensed swords, including a number of designs from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Conan the Barbarian, the Legend of Zelda, and other popular media. These ornamental blades come in many styles, including ceremonial sabers, fantasy swords, gladiator swords, musketeer rapiers, Scottish claymores, pirate cutlasses, Excalibur replicas, Egyptian khopeshes, and many more. Whether you want a costume sword for a re-enactment or performance or fantastic display sword for your home decor or wedding, you can find a large number of options here at Buying a Sword!
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Wavy Basket Hilt Pirate Cutlass

Item # NP-L-5545
Be the envy of every swashbuckler with the Wavy Basket Hilt Pirate Cutlass at your side. This stylish pirate sword features a curved and widening stainless steel blade complemented by a uniquely gorgeous and protective basket hilt.

White Battle Samurai Sword

Item # MC-SW-541W
You must rush to the capital to warn them of the enemy army. No one will stop your journey as you defend yourself with the White Battle Samurai Sword. This sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or home decor display.

White Carved Dragon Sword Set

Item # NP-K-0021-4-DG-WT
The dragon clans have honored you by granting you the White Carved Dragon Sword Set. You display it proudly to show your connection to the dragons. This dragon sword set makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.

White Dragon Samurai Sword

Item # MC-JL-009
You march towards the emperor in the aftermath of victory. He presents to you the White Dragon Samurai Sword as thanks for your defense of the kingdom. This sword adds an elegant touch to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

White Hilt Chivalry Sword

Item # NP-L-878-WT
The concept of chivalry was a powerful influence in the medieval world. Add a medieval aesthetic to your decor with the White Hilt Chivalry Sword. Display it in your home or office. This sword also makes a great costume accessory.

White Katana with Hidden Dagger

Item # NP-KON02WT
A truly unique creation, the White Katana with Hidden Dagger screams for attention. The katana is constructed with traditional design, but a stylish throwing dagger is included that takes this set of weaponry to another level.

White Wave Dragon Katana

Item # NP-KON03WT
To show everyone who visits you that you are connected to the mighty and ferocious dragon, you proudly display the White Wave Dragon Katana in your home. This sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or home decor.

Widows Wail

Item # Game-24
As far as families from the HBO series Game of Thrones go, the Lannisters are dramatic and fraught with complexities. Our replica sword Widows Wail is developed after the one used in the series by an assortment of characters.

Wire Hilt Rapier

Item # ZS-926851
A gentlemans weapon, if ever there was one, the rapier is made for those who emphasize technique and skill, rather than brute force. This Wire Hilt Rapier recreates a fine sword that would have suited any noble lords look quite well.

Wire Wrapped Hilt Rapier

Item # MC-KS-5920
Predecessor to fencing weapons as we know them, the Rapier is nearly the progenitor of a line of swords that emphasizes precision, agility, technique, and a counter-and-thrust style that has become the modern sport of fencing.

Wired Black Hilt Rapier

Item # ZS-926849
Even nobles carried rapiers, as much for personal defense as for the appeal that one could bring to your attire. This Wired Black Hilt Rapier is one such rapier that brings fancy design to the table, while still looking quite capable.

Yellow Dragon Falcata and Dagger Set

Item # NP-L-9309-YL
Like the kopis and the kukri, the falcata blade is a derivative of early sickle-swords, which were used in Iron Age rituals. The Yellow Dragon Falcata and Dagger Set features this curved blade style in a new, dragon fantasy theme!