Crusader Swords

Occurring during the High to Late Middle Ages, the Crusades were military campaigns with the ostensible goal of regaining access to the Holy Lands around Jerusalem. Over the almost 200 years of warfare, seven major crusaders and many minor ones took place, involving hundreds of thousands of combatants sworn to serve as soldiers of God. Many notable military orders formed during the Crusades, including the Knights Hospitaller, Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, and others. At Buying a Sword, we carry an excellent variety of Crusader swords inspired by the weapons wielded during these historical campaigns. These functional Crusader swords and decorative Crusader swords are perfect for re-enacting your own medieval battles and displaying in your home or office as a unique accent. Several sword replicas feature a cross on the pommel and other ornamentation for an authentic period look. Crafted by excellent manufacturers like Darksword Armoury, Denix, and Legacy Arms, these Crusader blades are sure to appeal to history buffs and weapons enthusiasts.
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Straight Guard Medieval Sword

Item # ZS-901142
A quiet life in the countryside is all you ever desired, but recent rumors of war weigh heavy on your mind. You spend the morning hours training in solitude. The Straight Guard Medieval Sword assists you in preparation for battle.
$57.00 $51.00