Crusader Swords

Occurring during the High to Late Middle Ages, the Crusades were military campaigns with the ostensible goal of regaining access to the Holy Lands around Jerusalem. Over the almost 200 years of warfare, seven major crusaders and many minor ones took place, involving hundreds of thousands of combatants sworn to serve as soldiers of God. Many notable military orders formed during the Crusades, including the Knights Hospitaller, Knights Templar, Teutonic Knights, and others. At Buying a Sword, we carry an excellent variety of Crusader swords inspired by the weapons wielded during these historical campaigns. These functional Crusader swords and decorative Crusader swords are perfect for re-enacting your own medieval battles and displaying in your home or office as a unique accent. Several sword replicas feature a cross on the pommel and other ornamentation for an authentic period look. Crafted by excellent manufacturers like Darksword Armoury, Denix, and Legacy Arms, these Crusader blades are sure to appeal to history buffs and weapons enthusiasts.
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Silver Templar Sword by Marto

Item # MA-584-1S
Established in 1118 to protect pilgrims and ensure custody of the Holy Land, the Templar Order is as well-known now as it was then. This Silver Templar Sword, by Marto, is a replica of a sword that a Templar might have wielded.

Steel Hilt Crusader Sword

Item # ED2004
When you head into battle, you should make sure that you wield a blade like the Steel Hilt Crusader Sword against the enemy.

Templar Cross Sword with Scabbard Belt

Item # ZS-910972
Embark on a holy mission when you carry the Templar Cross Sword with Scabbard Belt. This display sword is a straightforward take on a medieval knights sword, particularly that of a Crusader. A Maltese cross decorates its pommel.

Templar Longsword

Item # MC-C-94
The Knights Templar was one of the most famous Christian knightly orders. Surrounded by intrigue and mystique, they have remained a phenomenon to this day. Here represented in lavish detail is a Templar Longsword.

Templar Stage Combat Sword

Item # 501525
Perfect for medieval plays and sword fighting demonstrations, this Templar Stage Combat Sword can withstand edge to edge contact. Displaying thick edges and a rolled tip, this high carbon steel sword is durable and attractive.

Templar Warrior Sword

Item # AH-3288N
The Templars are a well-known knightly order, about which there is much mystery and intrigue. This Templar Warrior Sword calls to mind their military-based actions, by putting a recreated Templar sword into the hands of an enthusiast.

Templars Medieval War Sword

Item # ZS-910951
One of the best known orders of knights is the Knights Templar, who are as well known for their mystery and intrigue as they were for their prowess in battle. This Templars Medieval War Sword embodies their skill in military action.

Teutonic Crusader Sword

Item # IP-601-2
The crusades saw many knightly orders spring up, although few lasted into the modern day. One such order that continues on today is the Teutonic Order, whose emblem and spirit lives on in this impressive Teutonic Crusader Sword.

The Cruciform Crusader Elite Series Sword

Item # DS-1612
The Cruciform Crusader Elite Series Sword is designed after the swords used in combat during the Crusades. This weapon depicts the classic shape of a Crusaders cruciform sword, offering protection and a reminder of the warriors faith.

The Crusader Elite Series Sword

Item # DS-1605
The Crusader Elite Series Sword is modeled after 12th Century Medieval swords that were designed with power in mind. This weapon holds a traditional value that recreates the classic shape of a Crusaders cruciform sword.

The Crusader Sword of St. Maurice

Item # SH2473
A reproduction of the Oakeshott XI.4 Sword of St. Maurice, this coronation sword of the Holy Roman Empire made of spring steel comes with a scabbard. This functional sword harkens back to a weapon used during the Third Crusade.

The Templar Elite Series Sword

Item # DS-1604
If you are about to embark on a journey or crusade, make sure you have The Templar Elite Series Sword with you. The subtle design of this sword is ready to aid you during any encounter you may face in unexplored territories.