Cold Steel

You can find an amazing range of functional weapons from Cold Steel here at Buying a Sword. Cold Steel weapons must meet rigorous standards in quality, ensuring that your weapon will serve your needs for years to come. Each blade features an incredibly strong, sharp edge. We carry Cold Steel products of many types, such as medieval and Renaissance daggers, Chinese war swords, Norse tomahawks, medieval pole arms, tribal spears, cavalry sabers, katana, and much more. This wide selection ensures that historical weapons collectors, combatants, and re-enactors can find the perfect period piece to display or wield. Crafted from fine materials like carbon steel, Damascus steel, and various woods, these functional swords and historical weapons offer equally stunning appearances and construction.
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Warrior Tanto

Item # 07-88BT
Based on the daggers often wielded by Japanese samurai, the Warrior Tanto is a handsome blade in its own right. Beautifully crafted from heat treated, high performance steel, this functional dagger features a curved cutting point.
$377.89 $302.31

Warrior Wakizashi

Item # 07-88BWW
Wearing a wakizashi and katana together was once the official mark of a samurai. Now you can enjoy the elegance of the traditional Japanese weapon alongside high performance innovation when you wield the Warrior Wakizashi.
$435.97 $348.77