Cold Steel

You can find an amazing range of functional weapons from Cold Steel here at Buying a Sword. Cold Steel weapons must meet rigorous standards in quality, ensuring that your weapon will serve your needs for years to come. Each blade features an incredibly strong, sharp edge. We carry Cold Steel products of many types, such as medieval and Renaissance daggers, Chinese war swords, Norse tomahawks, medieval pole arms, tribal spears, cavalry sabers, katana, and much more. This wide selection ensures that historical weapons collectors, combatants, and re-enactors can find the perfect period piece to display or wield. Crafted from fine materials like carbon steel, Damascus steel, and various woods, these functional swords and historical weapons offer equally stunning appearances and construction.
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Italian Long Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88ITS
Modeled on the Italian concept of sword design, the blade and balance of the Italian Long Sword slightly favors thrusting attacks, however, its cutting edges are astonishingly effective too and can deliver downright ferocious blows.
$440.89 $352.71

Jade Lion Gim by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88RLG
The concept of the guardian lion emerged in China over 1800 years ago during the Han Dynasty. The Jade Lion Gim draws upon that same protective reputation, combining intricate ceremonial styling with battle-ready performance.
$854.92 $683.93

Koga Self Defense Tool by Cold Steel

Item # 07-91K
Made of virtually unbreakable plastic, the Koga Self Defense Tool can increase the ability of a person to defend himself several times over. With proper training, it is an aid in leverage when obtaining joint locks or submission holds.
$16.19 $12.95

LaFontaine Sword of War

Item # 07-88WSLFM
Designed by noted swordsman Luke LaFontaine and bearing his name, the high-quality LaFontaine Sword of War combines elements of a 16th century sword of war with a complex hilt longsword, resulting in a true masterpiece.
$577.04 $461.63

Long Hafted Poll Axe

Item # 07-89PA
With superior reach and armour-shattering force, the Long Hafted Poll Axe represented the great equalizer that bridged the gap between the common foot soldier and the Knight on horseback on the medieval battlefield.
$157.39 $125.91

Long-Shafted Assegai by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95ES
The Assegai was invented by the legendary Zulu king Shaka in the early 1800s, and revolutionized tribal warfare in Southern Africa. The straight shaft ends in a wicked spearhead with long, deadly edges and a punishing point.
$112.44 $89.95

Man at Arms Arming Sword

Item # 07-88ARM
Inspired by the side arm of choice for many foot soldiers and journeyman warriors throughout history, the Man at Arms Arming Sword has a smaller and more agile design than many of the heavier swords on the medieval battlefield.
$341.89 $273.51

Man at Arms English Backsword

Item # 07-88SEB
A modern interpretation of the 17th century English mortuary hilt sword, the Man at Arms English Backsword is fast and lively in the hand and a sheer delight to use for training. The single-handed sword feels nimble and strong.
$341.92 $273.53

Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel

Item # 07-89MEN
A marvelous reproduction of a versatile style of polearm used during the medieval era, the Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel is a powerfully fierce, battle-ready weapon with multidimensional striking capabilities and superior reach.
$173.14 $138.51

Man at Arms European Boar Spear by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95MBOA
A spectacular replication of a Germanic hunting spear, the Man at Arms European Boar Spear by Cold Steel features the iconic styling of these weapons with its double edged blade and two short quillons that separate the blade from the shaft.
$145.27 $116.21

Man at Arms European Spear by Cold Steel

Item # 07-95MEP
Replicating the timeless style of spears which were used throughout history, both for hunting and war, the Man at Arms European Spear by Cold Steel is a spectacular weapon which allows you to experience a foundational tool of antiquity.
$101.14 $80.91

Man at Arms Grosse Messer by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88GMSM
A spectacular weapon which replicates the styling seen in medieval era Germany, the Man at Arms Grosse Messer by Cold Steel is an enormous sword which is wieldable in either one or two hands and features a single razor sharp edge.
$320.54 $256.43