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You can find an amazing range of functional weapons from Cold Steel here at Buying a Sword. Cold Steel weapons must meet rigorous standards in quality, ensuring that your weapon will serve your needs for years to come. Each blade features an incredibly strong, sharp edge. We carry Cold Steel products of many types, such as medieval and Renaissance daggers, Chinese war swords, Norse tomahawks, medieval pole arms, tribal spears, cavalry sabers, katana, and much more. This wide selection ensures that historical weapons collectors, combatants, and re-enactors can find the perfect period piece to display or wield. Crafted from fine materials like carbon steel, Damascus steel, and various woods, these functional swords and historical weapons offer equally stunning appearances and construction.
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Colichemarde Dagger by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88CLMD
Based on historic blades the emerged on the sword scene in the late 1600s, the Colichemarde Dagger is the companion to the matching Colichemarde Sword but serves well as a beautiful and high quality combat blade in its own right.
$251.89 $201.51

Colichemarde Sword

Item # 07-88CLMS
True to form, our Colichemarde Sword mirrors the Renaissance original with its extra-long, wide forte that abruptly tapers down to an acute point. The hilt features a decorative yet functional shell guard complete with finger loops.
$480.85 $384.68

Dragonfly Katana

Item # 07-88DK
Thicker, wider, and heavier than its feudal era inspiration, the Dragonfly Katana features gorgeous traditional style made with updated materials and techniques for the modern warrior. Its black iron furnishings bear a dragonfly motif.
$683.92 $547.13

Dragonfly Wakizashi

Item # 07-88DW
Elegance and skill are the hallmarks of traditional Japanese blades. The Dragonfly Wakizashi honors the legacy of samurai with skillful craftsmanship and beauty made larger than its feudal counterpart to better suit the modern warrior.
$555.67 $444.53

Escrima Stick by Cold Steel

Item # 07-91E
The Cold Steel Escrima Stick closely resembles a traditional Filipino rattan stick in length, weight, and cross section. It is much more durable, though, because it is injection molded from super tough black polypropylene.
$41.19 $32.95

Frontier Hawk by Cold Steel

Item # 07-90FH
Suitable for reenactors from any period stretching from the French and Indian War clear up to the final settling of the West in the late 1800s. The authentic, good looking Frontier Hawk is one tough customer you are sure to appreciate.
$49.94 $39.95

German Langes Messer

Item # 07-88GMSSM
Designed by Luke LaFontaine and Dave Baker, the German Langes Messer is a stunning sword. This modern interpretation of the historical German Long Knife features a clip point blade that is fully sharpened along its primary edge.
$273.52 $218.81

German Long Sword

Item # 07-88HTB
A high-performance sword for modern warriors and serious collectors, the German Long Sword features a design inspired by various historical examples. The functional sword is exquisitely balanced and hand-honed to a keen edge.
$809.89 $647.91

Gim Sword

Item # 07-88G
Developed after years of studying the straight bladed swords of China, Cold Steel has created the battle-worthy Gim Sword for collectors and practitioners of Chinese Martial Arts, ideal for cutting, slashing, and even stabbing action.
$440.89 $352.71

Gladius Training Sword by Cold Steel

Item # 07-92BKGM
Virtually unbreakable, remarkably stiff, and cut resistant, the Gladius Training sword is made of heavy grade polypropylene and closely duplicates the length, size, and weight of the real thing, making perfect for learning new skills.
$47.44 $37.95

Gold Lion Katana

Item # 07-88ABK
A beautiful reproduction of the everyday sword of the samurai, the Gold Lion Katana comes in a significantly lighter design that makes it faster in the hand and more comfortable to wear all day when tucked into an Obi.
$854.91 $683.93

Gold Lion Wakizashi

Item # 07-88ABW
Mirroring the craftsmanship and materials of the Gold Lion Katana, our Gold Lion Wakizashi is an equally beautiful oriental blade. The functional wakizashi serves as an exquisite companion sword or stand-alone weapon in its own right.
$632.62 $506.09