Live action roleplayers who want impressive LARP weapons in a variety of styles are certain to find multiple items to add to their wish lists here in the Calimacil brand. Buying a Sword provides a large assortment of superb LARP weapons crafted with Calimacils durable foam latex, hybrid carbon and fiberglass cores, and injection mold processing. These foam latex weapons come in medieval, Viking, fantasy, and oriental styles, among others. Calimacil produces excellent LARP swords, LARP axes, LARP halberds, LARP daggers, LARP maces, and more to ensure that you will have the proper weapon to suit your character. Their LARP swords include designs like rapiers, bastard swords, sabers, katana, scimitars, and beyond, giving you as many options as you can imagine. Calimacil products are virtually maintenance free, weather resistant, and allergen free. Their reliable construction makes them a safe and durable option for going into a LARP battle!
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Falcon LARP Halberd Head

Item # CL-168
The Swiss people kept peace during the Renaissance with the use of long halberds that could keep the best knights at bay. The Falcon LARP Halberd Head can be mounted on multiple shafts like bamboo or PVC to suit different characters.

Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword

Item # CL-225
While some people may underestimate elves as small and mischievous woodland creatures, you know better than that. As this Faloril II LARP Bastard Sword displays, elves can also be merciless and lethal warriors towards their enemies.

Griffin LARP Sword

Item # CL-240
With stunning Celtic-inspired details that appear as though engraved onto its dark steel hilt, the Griffin LARP Sword is a weapon for those of nobility. A golden colored griffin symbol appears at the end of each of the guards arms.

Harbinger LARP Sword

Item # CL-121
Whether you wish to bring about a complete apocalypse or prevent one from occurring, be sure to wield the Harbinger LARP Sword in any fantasy combat. Wield this sword at a LARP or cosplay event. It works with a variety of characters.

Henry's LARP Sword

Item # CL-134
You are ready to make your name known across the lands. No matter what you may face on your journeys, you will prevail with the Henrys LARP Sword. It looks great with a variety of characters at a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Hersir LARP Sword

Item # CL-122
You ride throughout the kingdom making sure that the people know the will of your king. You enforce the kings desires with the Hersir LARP Sword. It looks great with a variety of characters at a LARP battle or cosplay convention.

Highlander III LARP Sword

Item # CL-235
Wield the Highlander III LARP Sword at your next LARP event to defeat your foes with style and might. Inspired by the weaponry used in medieval Scotland, this expertly crafted LARP blade is ready to help you take charge of the fight.

Homerun LARP Bat

Item # CL-296
Perfect for modern day and post-apocalyptic LARP settings, the Homerun LARP Bat is a unique addition to any LARP arsenal. With its realistic, slightly weathered steel color, this Calimacil foam bat also makes a great stage prop.

Johnny LARP Fireman Axe

Item # CL-272
In a city full of corpses shambling through the streets in search of flesh, escape can be difficult. If you cannot flee, then, the only other option is to fight. Luckily, you are wielding the powerful Johnny LARP Fireman Axe.

Khepri II LARP Sword

Item # CL-184
With a lantern as his source of light, Naeem explored the forbidden tomb of the Pharaoh. Despite the threat of the curse, this warrior strove to find the Khepri II LARP Sword to help him defeat the hordes attacking his people.

Krieger LARP Axe

Item # CL-246
Old Norse stories speak of Vikings who survived battle after battle. The Krieger LARP Axe, with its intricate wolf details, is named after the fearsome warriors and is expertly crafted to endure the most brutal LARP skirmishes.

LARP Bailiff's Mace

Item # CL-111
The local authorities have chosen you as the new officer of the peace. Well, you will need something like the LARP Bailiffs Mace to keep the peace. This foam mace works great for many different medieval and fantasy characters.