Bastard Swords

Around the mid-1400s, the bastard sword was developed as a form of the longsword. Originating from the French term epee batarde, medieval bastard swords included a number of blades with irregular or not easily defined traits. For example, many had longer handles that allowed them to be wielded with one or two hands. This versatile usage eventually led to an alternate term, Hand and a Half sword, in the late 19th century since bastard swords could not clearly be defined as one-handed or two-handed weapons. Bastard swords often had slightly shorter blades and more rounded tips than other longswords. Knights and other armsmen continued to use traditional bastard swords through the 1500s. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry an excellent assortment of historical bastard sword replicas. We offer both functional swords and decorative swords, ensuring that re-enactors and collectors will be satisfied with pieces from our selection. These fantastic medieval swords are crafted with authenticity in mind and attention to proper dimensions and weight.
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Red and Gold King Solomon Sword

Item # NP-K-4914-RD
The prophet Solomon appears in many famous religious stories. Our Red and Gold King Solomon Sword is modeled after this iconic figure and features a stainless-steel blade with red and gold accents for a stand out display sword.

Red Knights Templar Sword and Plaque

Item # NP-L-81029-P
Mystery and intrigue surround the Knights Templar even today. Celebrate their legend and long history with this Red Knights Templar Sword and Plaque.

Robert the Bruce Sword

Item # 501495
The Robert the Bruce Sword is hand forged from high carbon steel. The beautiful pommel emblazons the Cross of St. Andrew, while the hearty grip is wrapped in soft, black leather, held in place by a corded silver chain.

Robin Hood Sword with Plaque

Item # NP-L-81012-P
Inspired by the heroic outlaw of legend, the Robin Hood Sword with Plaque is a stainless steel medieval blade made ornate through shield details on its guard and pommel. Antique brass finishing lends rugged regality to the hilt.

Robin Hood Sword with Sheath

Item # NP-L-81012-SH
Remember the legend of the heroic outlaw when you hold the Robin Hood Sword with Sheath. This stainless steel sword is fashioned in a medieval style made ornate through antique brass tones and shield details on its pommel and guard.

Sherwood Bandit Sword

Item # MC-D-5002
Sherwood Forest was, in its day, supposedly a terrifying place. It was home to a fierce bandit, a man who would rob others, keeping them at the point of the Sherwood Bandit Sword, while relieving his victims of precious valuables.

Silver Conan Father Sword by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN114S
The vastly skilled sword masters from Marto have made this faithful and exclusive reproduction of the fantastic Fathers Sword in silver. It was the very sword with which Conan the Barbarian learned some of the most basic combat skills.

Silver Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword by Marto

Item # MA-CONAN117S
Conan the Barbarian is, perhaps, the most famous barbarian in all of fiction, thanks to his numerous appearances in the most unlikely of places. To recognize this, we offer the Silver Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword by Marto.

Silver King Solomon Sword by Marto

Item # MA-586-2S
Ruling Israel between 970 and 931 B.C., King Solomon was known as a wise, fair, and powerful king. The Silver King Solomon Sword by Marto, of Toledo Spain, pays tribute to this biblical kings great spirituality and wisdom.

Silver Masonic Sword by Marto

Item # MA-776S
Throughout history, as an instrument of justice, truth, equality, and firmness, swords have been used at every great event and have become imbued with symbolism, just as the Silver Masonic Sword, by Marto, is inlaid with masonic symbols

Silver Templar Sword by Marto

Item # MA-584-1S
Established in 1118 to protect pilgrims and ensure custody of the Holy Land, the Templar Order is as well-known now as it was then. This Silver Templar Sword, by Marto, is a replica of a sword that a Templar might have wielded.

Sovereign Sword with Scabbard

Item # DS-1322
Not many swords possess the power, agility, and pure beauty that this Sovereign Sword with Scabbard does. Crafted in the style of 15th century arming swords, this is a weapon that any medieval soldier would have been proud to wield.