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In our Asian and Oriental swords section, you will find swords that have their historical origin in Japan, China, or elsewhere in Asia. Shop here for katana, wakizashi, and tanto swords as well as Chinese dao, tai chi swords, and jian swords. We offer these sword types in both functional and decorative variations, so you can find a bladed weapon that suits your needs here, whether you want a decorative weapon to display with pride or a functional, historical sword to wield in battle. While some of the historical blades found here might have modern additions, details, or style, they all have their historical origins in Asia.
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Deadly Duo Ninja Swords

Item # MC-HK-1249
Beset by brigands, the wanderer drew her sword. Partway through the bout, she changed her grip and drew her hands apart, each now holding an identical black blade. Wielding the Deadly Duo Ninja Swords two-handed, she defeated her foes.

Deluxe Demon Samurai Katana

Item # MC-SW-320DXE
The townspeople know to come to you to ask for help with the supernatural. You protect them as you expertly wield the Deluxe Demon Samurai Katana. This steel sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or home decor display.

Deluxe Lion Samurai Katana

Item # MC-SW-320DX
You prowl about your territory, keeping a sharp eye out for any invaders. You are always ready to protect it with the Deluxe Lion Samurai Katana. This steel sword makes a great addition to any sword collection or home decor display.

Demon Head Katana

Item # NP-K--1028-1-M
According to the legends, demons roam about the nearby area. You are not afraid. You display the Demon Head Katana to show that you are a demon hunter. This sword makes a great addition to any collection, home decor, or office space.

Demon Head Warriors Katana

Item # NP-F-320-E-Z
The demons that lurk do not frighten you. In fact, they are quite terrified of your presence as you wield the Demon Head Warriors Katana against them. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

Demon Katana with Display Stand

Item # MC-SW-320E
The town warns you not to enter into the forest at night. You do not fear the legends they tell as you own the Demon Katana with Display Stand. This sword adds a unique touch to any decor. Display the sword in your home or office.

Double Edge Ninja Sword and Stealth Knives

Item # MC-FM-644D
The perfect complement to a growing ninja armory, the Double Edge Ninja Sword Set it is great for fledgling ninjas in need of a great blade. It echoes the look of a shinobi sword, favored by shadow warriors from the East.

Double Warrior Swords with Frog

Item # NP-K-1901
As a great warrior, you always keep a blade ready at hand. Thus, you are sure to enjoy adding the Double Warrior Swords with Frog to your collection. This decorative sword set makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.

Dragon Claw Katana

Item # MC-SW-941BK
When approaching the fierce and very dangerous dragon, remember to avoid its claws. The Dragon Claw Katana reminds you of the great power they hold. The sword adds a distinctive touch to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

Dragon Etched Ninjato

Item # MC-MAZ-017B
This gorgeous ninja sword makes a fantastic addition to your oriental sword collection with its intricate ornamentation. The Dragon Etched Ninjato features a high carbon steel blade engraved with dragon and spear designs.

Dragon Golden Flame Katana

Item # MC-MAZ-023D
The heat rises around you as you prepare to take down the ancient dragon. You proudly and skillfully wield the Dragon Golden Flame Katana in battle. This elegant sword makes a great addition to a reenactment outfit or collection.

Dragon Head Miao Dao

Item # SD11190
The Miao Dao, or sprout saber, arose in the 20th century, its name referencing the resemblance between the blade shape and a newly sprouted plant. The Dragon Head Miao Dao is a modern adaptation of this Chinese sword.