Asian & Oriental Swords

In our Asian and Oriental swords section, you will find swords that have their historical origin in Japan, China, or elsewhere in Asia. Shop here for katana, wakizashi, and tanto swords as well as Chinese dao, tai chi swords, and jian swords. We offer these sword types in both functional and decorative variations, so you can find a bladed weapon that suits your needs here, whether you want a decorative weapon to display with pride or a functional, historical sword to wield in battle. While some of the historical blades found here might have modern additions, details, or style, they all have their historical origins in Asia.
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Carved Flower Samurai Katana

Item # NP-F-593-4
You, cunning and wise warrior, have a strong connection with nature. The Carved Flower Samurai Katana easily reflects this connection during battle. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

Celestial Dragon Samurai Sword

Item # MC-MAZ-401
Graceful beauty and heavenly strength are words ascribed to the Japanese dragon. Modeled after the traditional Japanese style katana, the Celestial Dragon Samurai Sword is an ornamental sword that honors the celestial dragon image.

Chinese Short Sword with Wood Case

Item # NP-H-196
Enjoy the elegance of an ornately styled Chinese blade in minute detail when you display the Chinese Short Sword with Wood Case. Antique black and gold colored scrollwork decorates the hilt and scabbard of this decorative blade.

Chinese War Sword

Item # 07-88CWS
Few swords are more intimidating or more effective than the two handed Chinese War Sword. Its huge, wide blade will shear through near anything with ease, while its design allows a warrior with skill to wield it with surprising grace.
$478.72 $382.97

Cobra Steel Wakizashi

Item # 501391
The quality of a Japanese blade is rarely called into question, as they are considered to be some of the finest blades in the world. The Cobra Steel Wakizashi takes that quality and cutting ability and turns it into a survival knife.

Condor Dadao Sword

Item # BK-CTK35819HC
Typically, the Chinese sabre ends in a narrow point for stabbing and slashing. The Chinese broadsword, however, has a wider blade, making chopping a breeze. The Condor Dadao Sword beautifully replicates this ancient design.

Condor Tactana Sword

Item # BK-CTK500208HC
Combining the cutting power of a traditional katana with the convenience of a shorter sword, the Condor Tactana Sword gives you the best of both worlds. This tactical katana looks and functions like a dream for sword enthusiasts.

Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-118
Standing at the precipice, the fighter turns to face her adversary. She extends her arm, the Copper Dragon Tai Chi Sword reflecting the morning light. She is calm, secure in the training that has led her to this moment.

Copper Flower Damascus Katana

Item # MC-RY-3206
Few functional swords possess the intricate detail and beauty of the Copper Flower Damascus Katana. This gorgeous samurai sword showcases a floral motif throughout its design on the guard, menuki, kashira, and scabbard.

Copper Tone Damascus Katana

Item # MC-TR-026
The unique coloration of this oriental sword ensures that it will stand out in any collection of katana. The Copper Tone Damascus Katana draws upon Japanese folklore for its ornamentation, making this a stunning functional blade.

Cornsilk Tassel Tai Chi Sword

Item # MC-JS-113
Holding the final pose of his tai chi form, the student faces his mentor. She gives a curt nod, presenting him with this Cornsilk Tassel Tai Chi Sword. He must continue his lessons until the ornate sword is an extension of his hand.

Cosmic Samurai Sword Set

Item # MC-JBL-W4
The enemy charges you with great ferocity. You do not fear them as you know that you will emerge victorious as you wield the Cosmic Samurai Sword Set. This set adds a wonderful touch to any decor. Display it in your home or office.