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In our Asian and Oriental swords section, you will find swords that have their historical origin in Japan, China, or elsewhere in Asia. Shop here for katana, wakizashi, and tanto swords as well as Chinese dao, tai chi swords, and jian swords. We offer these sword types in both functional and decorative variations, so you can find a bladed weapon that suits your needs here, whether you want a decorative weapon to display with pride or a functional, historical sword to wield in battle. While some of the historical blades found here might have modern additions, details, or style, they all have their historical origins in Asia.
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Honshu Boshin Wakizashi

Item # UC3125
The Honshu Boshin Wakizashi is a functional weapon of effortless elegance and style. With a matching satin finish on the 1060 high carbon steel blade, guard, and pommel, this battle-ready sword makes a sleek addition to any arsenal.

Hunter Katana

Item # SH2471
Raptors are known among the most vicious birds of prey throughout the animal kingdom. This Hunter Katana showcases the raptor against the classically deathly katana blade, signifying the brutal hunting prowess of its wielder.

Hunter Samurai Sword

Item # NP-K-1829
The emperor has granted you the task of hunting down enemies of the empire. You have the Hunter Samurai Sword on your wall as a symbol of your task. This sword adds a wonderful touch to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

Imperial Citadel Katana

Item # SC4040
Forged for the Emperor himself, the Imperial Citadel Katana is a masterful work of art that only the noblest of samurai may carry, adorned in the golden courage of a warriors heart with the symbol of the royal family of Japan.

Imperial Golden Warrior Katana

Item # NP-KON07BK
As a guard of the emperor, you hold great power and status. This comes with great responsibility as you wield the Imperial Golden Warrior Katana. This functional sword looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home.

Imperial Katana

Item # 07-88K
Expertly crafted, the Imperial Katana uses traditional materials for its fittings, and its blade is made of heat treated 1055 carbon steel and polished by hand. This iconic samurai sword is as beautiful as it is battle-ready.
$705.29 $564.23

Imperial Tanto

Item # 07-88T
The fittings of the Imperial Tanto are expertly made to give it the finest look possible, and its modern carbon steel blade is heat treated to a spring temper, making this gorgeous replica tanto a functional, battle-ready weapon.
$512.92 $410.33

Imperial Tanto

Item # SC4044
Situated within the folds of his obi sash, the emperor displays his beloved knife, the Imperial Tanto. Adorned in gold and the royal insignia, this incredible piece displays his honor and authority in stunning detail and design.

Imperial Wakizashi

Item # 07-88W
In homage to the Japanese swords of old, the Imperial Wakizashi has been made using high quality, traditional materials for its fittings. The curved blade is made of hand polished carbon steel, making this ornate piece a functional weapon.
$598.41 $478.73

Jade Lion Gim by Cold Steel

Item # 07-88RLG
The concept of the guardian lion emerged in China over 1800 years ago during the Han Dynasty. The Jade Lion Gim draws upon that same protective reputation, combining intricate ceremonial styling with battle-ready performance.
$854.92 $683.93

Japanese Katana with Dragon Guard

Item # NP-F-913
This Japanese Katana with Dragon Guard will make a great addition to your cutlery collection. It comes in a beautiful black scabbard that provides protection for the piece when it is not in use, and it features a mythical dragon theme.

Jinse Ju Long Tai Chi Sword

Item # NP-K-106BK
Imbued with the holy golden tones of Chinese culture and the auspicious powers of the mighty dragon, the Jinse Ju Long Tai Chi Sword brings balance to the world and all who wield it by sharing the power of such heavenly deities.