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Nothing adds a sense of might to home decor quite like a medieval weapon. And here at Buying A Sword, we carry Ancient Armoury weapons to help you give your domain the proper historical feel. From medieval and Renaissance swords inspired by historical figures like El Cid to halberds, axes, and flails, shop here for high quality collectible weapons that will take you back to the ancient eras with their high quality craftsmanship. Impress guests with a decorative sword above the mantle, or show off morning stars and double headed decorative axes to proclaim your warrior might. Italian Renaissance swords add finesse to any setting, and ornate takes on historical weapons bring beauty to displays. Whether you prefer the fearsome weapons of battle or the elegance of dueling swords, Ancient Armoury is here to help you enjoy medieval history in your own home.
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Small Decorative Medieval Axe

Item # ME-0110
A beautiful replication of weaponry used by horseback warriors in 15th century Europe, the Small Decorative Medieval Axe is an exquisite decoration that will bring historical flair to the decor of any room in which it is displayed.

Small Single Ball Medieval Flail

Item # ME-0043
Emulating a weapon used during the medieval era throughout central Europe, the Small Single Ball Medieval Flail is a delightful scale model of a flail. These were weapons that were mostly used by cavalry in tight quarter situations.

Small Three Ball Medieval Flail

Item # ME-0045
Crafted in the style of medieval weaponry, the Small Three Ball Medieval Flail demonstrates the complex and devastating design of a three headed flail. These weapons were predominately used by cavalry during close quarters combat.

Small Two Ball Medieval Flail

Item # ME-0044
Designed in a medieval style, the Small Two Ball Medieval Flail is a representation of a deadly blunt weapon used by cavalry in central Europe. This close quarters design features two spiked heads that dangle from short chains.

Spanish Cup Hilted Sword

Item # ME-0136
Gorgeously designed in the appearance of a 17th century Spanish side sword, the Spanish Cup Hilted Sword displays a spectacular Renaissance era styling that is excellent for expressing your love of this historical period.

Spurred 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd

Item # ME-0103
A popular weapon amongst soldiers during the medieval era, the halberd was a versatile weapon against cavalry and foot soldiers. The Spurred 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd is an exquisite replica of this medieval pole arm.

The Holy Sword of Fernando III

Item # ME-0132
A replica of the sword wielded by Ferdinand III of Castile, a King of Spain during the 13th century, the Holy Sword of Fernando III is an exceedingly beautiful decoration for the home or office that will display your love of history.
$45.00 $27.04

Wooden Axe Display Plaque

Item # ME-0107
An exquisite means to showcase the decorative weapon of your choice, the Wooden Axe Display Plaque features a beautiful natural wood grain finish to complement the historical appeal of the weapon that it displays.

Wooden Display Plaque for Decorative Swords

Item # ME-0127
An exquisite exhibitor for ornamental swords, the Wooden Display Plaque for Decorative Swords is an elegant way to prominently display your decorative weapon. It is crafted from wood and finished to enhance its natural wood grain.