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  • Wooden Medieval Longsword

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    Featuring a ridge line down the center of the blunted blade, this Wooden Medieval Longsword is an excellent choice for practicing two handed swordsmanship techniques and makes an impressive addition to any knight or medieval ensemble.

  • Black Wooden Katana

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    This black katana is made of wood with an overall length of 40 inches. The Black Wooden Katana has a plastic tsuba and the handle is nylon cord wrapped. This bokken is perfect for stage playing, practicing, and martial arts training.

  • 84 Inch Pole Stave

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    The 84 Inch Pole Stave for finishing the XH2038 and XH2039 spears. They are also a great addition to other spear-heads, allowing you to authentically complete your ideal pole weapon. It is perfect for a DIY project or for a historical reenactment.

  • Black Engraved Dragon Bokken

    Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00. Add to Bag

    Bokken are traditionally left undecorated, because they are designed for sparring and training only. Ornamental bokken, though, do exist. Typically, such bokken, like our Black Engraved Dragon Bokken, are meant for aesthetic purposes.

  • Wooden Jian Sword

    Original price was: $18.00.Current price is: $12.00. Add to Bag

    The Wooden Jian Sword is ideal for practical training in the swordplay typically identified with both Wushu and Tai Chi. Both martial arts consider the jian a typical weapon, thanks to its efficiency and its flexibility as a weapon.

  • Round Ended Butt Cap

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    With the discovery of metal, spears became much more effective. Our Round Ended Butt Cap has a generic look that does not represent any one specific time or place, so it can be used for any period and paired with any spearhead.

  • Throwing Spear Head

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    To reach your target from far away, sometimes you have to throw you weapon. With its long, narrow point, the Throwing Spear Head is ideal for this type of attack. This medieval spear head is forged by hand and tempered for strength.

  • Witch Queen Elven Sword

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    From attending court to a going on magical quest, the Witch Queen Elven Sword makes an elegant companion weapon to any fantasy outfit. You will surely feel powerful and elegant with this elf queen sword added to your look.

  • Blunt Spear Head

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    Do you wish to create your own polearm for battle? If so, you should make sure that you check out the Blunt Spear Head and its design. This blunt spearhead makes a wonderful option for stage combat or a safer addition to a costume.

  • 8 Sword Floor Stand

    Original price was: $21.00.Current price is: $19.00. Add to Bag

    For a collector, swords can be both a joy and a bane. After all, swords are not always the easiest things to display, much less store. For the collector who has a many blades, nothing beats having one of these 8 Sword Floor Stands.

  • Wooden Great Sword

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    Favored by the German Landsknecht mercenaries, greatswords were effective and deadly against when used against pike and spear formations. This Wooden Great Sword makes an impressive addition to any sparring kit or costume ensemble.

  • Brown Bokken Sword

    Original price was: $12.00.Current price is: $9.00. Add to Bag

    Bokken have been used for years in martial arts. They are highly efficient for training, given the ease of which a bokken can be replaced. The Brown Bokken Sword is simple and sturdy, an instrument that is ideal for practice.

  • Wooden Chinese Broadsword

    Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $14.00. Add to Bag

    This Wooden Chinese Broadsword takes the form of the oxtail dao. The dao is a well-known and recognizable weapon commonly seen not only in pop culture but in several forms of Chinese-based martial arts, thanks to its versatility.

  • Hand & A Half Training Sword by Cold Steel

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    Ideal for combat training, the Hand & A Half Training Sword is made of sturdy polypropylene of the heaviest grade available, making it virtually indestructible and safe while replicating the size, weight, and feel of a real blade.

  • Two Handed Medieval Wooden Sword

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    The Two Hand Medieval Practice Sword is your perfect companion for training in medieval combat in a safe manner. A wooden sword allowed a warrior to practice combat safely while preserving his precious steel for the real battle.

  • Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier

    $300.00 Add to Bag

    The swept hilt rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. This Bone Grip Swept Hilt Rapier is hand forged and has a blade of high carbon steel. The diamond cross section provides firmness and flexibility.

  • Rosewood Layered-Steel Dagger

    Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $68.00. Add to Bag

    When adding a new dagger into your collection, you do not just want one that works well. You are searching for a functional dagger that also exhibits a unique and eye-catching design, precisely like this Rosewood Layered-Steel Dagger.

  • Tjure Stage Combat Sword

    $121.00 Add to Bag

    With the Tjure Stage Combat Sword in hand as you charge into battle, you feel no fear. Modeled after historic Viking swords, this realistic stage combat weapon has a blunted blade and rounded tip for safe performance and costume use.

  • Italian Stiletto

    $80.00 Add to Bag

    Just because the stiletto is among the smallest of daggers does not mean that it is among the weakest. In fact, in its area of expertise, a blade like this Italian Stiletto is without equal, as not much can match its penetrative power.

  • M1902 US Army Officers Saber

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    From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, through the American Indian Wars to the modern day, the saber has been a companion to the American soldier. This M1902 US Army Officer Saber is a style that remains accepted to this day.

  • Zulu African Spear

    $67.50 Add to Bag

    The Zulu African Spear is based on the Iklwa, a famous short-staffed, large-bladed spear that carved out one of the greatest early African nations. The spearhead of this weapon is made of tempered high carbon steel.

  • Five-Lobed Brass Viking Sword with Leather Scabbard

    $65.00 Add to Bag

    Introducing the exquisite Five-Lobed Brass Viking Sword with Leather Scabbard, a masterpiece that captures the essence and grandeur of Viking craftsmanship. This decorative piece is a timeless tribute to the legendary Norse warriors.

  • Grave Hand Skull Sword Cane

    Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $24.00. Add to Bag

    Whether you want to add to your modern outfit or elevate your gothic costume, the Grave Hand Skull Sword Cane is a great choice. It suits a wide variety of looks, ranging from formal to casual and everything in between.

  • Two-Handed Medieval Knight Sword

    Original price was: $120.00.Current price is: $109.00. Add to Bag

    When it comes to going on a grand adventure or quest, it pays to have a weapon in hand. Grab the Two-Handed Medieval Knight Sword before you go. You can bring this sword into battle at your next medieval reenactment.

  • Emerald Gemstreak LARP Short Sword – Normal

    $268.00 Add to Bag

    Elevate your LARP or cosplay experience with the Emerald Gemstreak LARP Short Sword. Experience the thrill of battle, the drama of fantasy role-playing, and the enjoyment of immersive cosplay.

  • Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders – Green

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    Add the Green Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders to your costume collection and let your character stand out at your next event. Step back in time and into character with this authentic, stylish, and durable accessory.

  • Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders – Brown

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    Elevate your style and immerse yourself in the allure of the past with the Brown Medieval Leather Belt with Knotwork Borders. It is the perfect finishing touch for your historic ensemble.

  • Silver Dragon Sword Cane

    Original price was: $21.00.Current price is: $19.00. Add to Bag

    What gentleman or lady could not use a good swagger stick as a part of their attire? This Silver Dragon Sword Cane is more than meets the eye, as its impressive style hides away a handy blade, one that is perfect for self-defense.

  • Pirate Skull Leather Baldric

    Original price was: $32.00.Current price is: $29.00. Add to Bag

    Swashbuckle your way to infamy and fortune with your sword by your side. The Pirate Skull Leather Sword Belt is a must-have for any pirate costume. Keep your favorite cutlass or other pirate sword stowed close at hand with this crossbody pirate sword belt.

  • X Leather Harness

    $60.00$75.00 Add to Bag

    If you wish to tie pieces of armour or other unique items to your ensemble on your right and left, then check out the X Leather Harness. This versatile piece of equipment looks great on a variety of characters for many events.

  • Black Hilt Scottish Claymore

    Original price was: $349.82.Current price is: $299.00. Add to Bag

    Warrior, the enemy approaches the battlefield. You raise the Black Hilt Scottish Claymore with gleeful anticipation of victory. This warriors sword is an elegant addition to any reenactors equipment, perfect for a Scottish reenactment or battle.

  • Red Vipers Spear

    $340.00 Add to Bag

    If your favorite Game of Thrones character was the younger prince of Dorne, honor this warrior with the Red Vipers Spear. Display this fantasy spear in your home or anywhere that you feel needs a striking piece of fantasy decor.

  • Manganese Steel Scimitar Sword

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    Warrior, take the Manganese Steel Scimitar Sword into battle and fight against your foes. Claim victory through cunning and skill. This sword is functional for historical reenactments. It looks great added to a weaponry collection.

  • St Annen Sword

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    Fight your foes with great skill and cunning on the battlefield. Claim victory against your enemies with the St Annen Sword in hand. This knights sword is ideal for historical reenactments and weaponry collections.

  • Scottish Baskethilt Sword

    Original price was: $102.00.Current price is: $92.00. Add to Bag

    Whether you want to dress up as a Highlander or add some Scottish style to your space, check out the Scottish Baskethilt Sword. This sword looks great on a wall in your home decor or added to a collection.

  • Wooden Tactical Gladius Sword

    $86.00 Add to Bag

    True Roman soldiers know the value of practicing their skills often. You can use the Wooden Tactical Gladius Sword to improve them. This wooden sword is great for training your skills as a mighty gladiator.

  • Honshu Crusader Quillon Dagger

    Original price was: $146.00.Current price is: $106.00. Add to Bag

    No knight should be without a dagger at the ready. Make sure that you check out the Honshu Crusader Quillon Dagger and its medieval design. It looks great on the battlefield and on display in your home. Add it to a weaponry collection.

  • White Dragon Saya Katana

    Original price was: $42.00.Current price is: $22.00. Add to Bag

    You can easily show off the White Dragon Saya Katana with its decorative design. It is an ideal centerpiece for a display. This carved dragon katana makes a great addition to any sword collection or decor.

  • Inscribed Black and Red Katana

    Original price was: $38.00.Current price is: $26.00. Add to Bag

    Use the Inscribed Black and Red Katana to add some rich color to any weaponry collection or display with its distinctive design. This decorative sword adds a touch of Japanese style to any decor. Display it in your home or office.

  • Red Edge Cyber Ninja Sword Set

    $45.00 Add to Bag

    When you are wanting a pair of ninja swords with a post-apocalyptic style, you should check out the Red Edge Cyber Ninja Sword Set. Add this decorative sword set to your home decor, office space, or sword collection.


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