Decorative Maces

Historical maces served as some of the most common weapons throughout the ages with their simple construction and ease of use. Our decorative maces at Buying a Sword display the wicked look of these medieval bludgeons with their sharp spikes and flanges, making them excellent theatrical props and re-enactment accessories for events like Renaissance fairs. Alternately, our collectible maces work great for home and office decor, offering a unique touch to your space. Our medieval maces appear in a range of forms including decorative morning stars, war clubs, and other cudgels. These excellent historical weapons replicas are crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that each display mace makes a fantastic addition to any collection. When you are looking for a piece with high intimidation factor, you cannot do better than the ornamental maces here at Buying a Sword.
Spiked Mace
This spiked mace is a great weapon for any medieval reenactments or historically themed events. The spiked mace has an overall length of 23 inches with a heavy hardwood handle that has a diameter of 1.75 inches at the top.
Price: $23.90
On Sale For: $21.51
Spiked Skull Club
Given how easy it is to pick up a stick and hit something, the club could be mans first weapon. And since it has been around so long, it has undergone countless changes, until it was made into something like the Spiked Skull Club.
Price: $36.00
Mace of Azog the Defiler
This vile mace was thought to have been destroyed in a great battle between orcs and dwarves, but it was not. The Mace of Azog the Defiler lived on, as did its wielder, and now they come forth to hunt the hated dwarf company.
Price: $490.00
Mace of Sauron with One Ring
Who can forget the powerful force with which Sauron wielded his deadly mace at the height of his power? Now you, too, can possess this incredible weapon with the addition of the Mace of Sauron with One Ring to your collection.
Price: $540.00
Morning Star
A widely popular weapon amongst professional soldiers and militia men alike throughout the medieval period, the Morning Star is a melee weapon that is similar to a mace and features a spiked head attached to a wooden handle.
Price: $54.00