Hibben Knives

Master craftsman Gil Hibben produces excellent collectible weapons and functional blades that have been featured in over 30 movies and television shows over the years. Hibben Knives products are made from high quality Damascus steel and polished stainless steel for a great look and incredible functionality. Each Hibben blade displays an etching of his personal stamp to identify it as an authentic Gil Hibben creation. At Buying a Sword, we carry a selection of Hibben fantasy daggers that are perfect for collectors and re-enactors to show off and use. When you want a truly stunning blade, be sure to check out the options under the Hibben Knives brand.
Silver Shadow Dagger
This superb knife is the Silver Shadow. Renowned knife designer Gil Hibben custom crafted this knife for United Cutlery in 1990 as the first in his annual Fantasy Series. This knife includes his personal stamp etched on the blade.
Price: $37.68
Hibben Pro Thrower Axe
Designed by master knifemaker Gil Hibben, who is a master knifemaker, and avid knife thrower, the Hibben Pro Thrower Axe is constructed of one-piece tempered stainless steel and features a perfectly balanced double axe head.
Price: $61.95
Hibben Generation 2 Pro Thrower Axe
The Generation 2 Pro Thrower Axe features a perfectly balanced double axe head and a trigger grip handle design that guides the hand into the same consistent and accurate release each time it is thrown.
Price: $56.95
Custom Hook Sword Cane
An elegant take on personal defense, the Custom Hook Sword Cane is a discreet way to always keep a sword in hand. This sword cane features a hidden blade made of 7CR17 mirror polished stainless steel ending in a sharp tanto style point.
Price: $192.00