Great Swords

A general term for certain outsized war swords with long, heavy blades, great sword most often refers to medieval longswords that preceded the two-handed sword with its specified traits. Due to their massive size, medieval great swords could not be wielded comfortably with one hand, setting them apart from other longswords of the period. The historical great sword most often describes straight, two-handed swords from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, though the name is sometimes applied to 18th century curved-blade broadswords, as well. Fans of this medieval sword style can find an excellent array of options here at Buying a Sword. We offer great sword replicas from superb manufacturers like Cold Steel, Windlass, and Tinker Pearce. These functional great swords and decorative great swords make eye-catching accents for home decor and authentic re-enactment swords for Renaissance fairs and performances.
Two Handed Great Sword
Sure this Two Handed Great Sword is big and meant to be carried over the shoulder in its scabbard, but it is extremely well balanced and easily wielded by people of larger stature and physical strength.
Price: $589.99
On Sale For: $472.00
Tinker Great Sword of War
The Tinker Great Sword of War is designed purely as a cutting sword and, weighing in at a little less than four pounds, it is built to excel on heavy targets. The 11 inch grip provides excellent leverage and static and dynamic balance.
Price: $375.00
Man at Arms Two Handed Great Sword by Cold Steel
Designed for only the strongest swordsmen who are large in stature and seek an astonishingly powerful weapon, the Man at Arms Two Handed Great Sword by Cold Steel is an exceptionally balanced and battle ready great sword.
Price: $480.00
On Sale For: $384.00
Medieval Great Sword
Reaching over 4 feet in length, this historical replica weapon makes an excellent decorative sword for your home decor or weapon collection. The Medieval Great Sword conveys an impressive sense of size and style.
Price: $43.50
On Sale For: $39.15