Dynasty Forge

Showing respect for authentic design and process, Dynasty Forge produces high quality swords that show their passion for traditional arms. Here at Buying a Sword, you will find a fantastic selection of Dynasty Forge swords that display their characteristic attention to functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from fine spring steel, these historical sword replicas are ideal for training, cutting, sparring, and display. Designs include military sabers, medieval swords, Renaissance smallswords, and fencing swords, offering a range of options for collectors and re-enactors to enjoy. These functional swords are battle ready, perfect for the modern warrior. At the same time, they make excellent heirlooms and display pieces for your home with their detailed appearances. Whether you are heading to the Renaissance fair, want to practice your skills, or need a worthy weapon for a theatrical performance, you will find a solution among Dynasty Forges products.
Oakeshott Type XI Medieval Sword
Originally dated to a period of usage from 1100 to 1175, this Oakeshott Type XI Medieval Sword echoes the look of a knights sword, while also featuring touches of appealing decoration without being too overly done.
Price: $380.00
On Sale For: $320.00