Falchion Swords

Used in various forms during the 11th to 16th centuries, the medieval falchion appears in two general shapes - the first curved like a saber with a clip point and the second with a straight back, possibly a clip point, and a curved edge. The name comes from the Old French fawchon, derived from the Latin falxs used to describe scythe-like weapons. The historical falchion is often considered a peasant sword, crafted from sharp farming implements. Similar to a Persian scimitar, the falchion combines the power of an axe with the versatile use of a sword. At Buying a Sword, we carry functional falchions and decorative falchions that are ideal for historical re-enactments, weapons collections, and combat training. Our falchion swords provide you the opportunity to own this rare historical weapon.
Falchion Sword
Although the double-edged sword gets most of the press, the single-edged falchion was favored by a great many knights and men at arms. The wide cutting blade was quite effective against mail thanks to its weight balance.
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