Decorative War Hammers

An alternative to a sword or an axe, medieval war hammers offered a greater chance of making an effective strike against an armored foe. While not intended for combat, our decorative war hammers at Buying a Sword make stunning display pieces for weapons enthusiasts, while also serving perfectly as theatrical props and costume accessories for historical re-enactments and Renaissance fairs. Our ornamental hammers come in a variety of great styles, including Viking, fantasy, and medieval. Crafted from fine materials like wood, brass, and steel, certain of the museum-quality pieces display ornate engravings and sculpting that give them eye-catching appearances. Peruse our historical war hammers, pickaxes, Lucerne hammers, and similar medieval polearms to find the right piece to suit your needs.
Historical Thor's Hammer
Thor was a powerful god, but a great deal of his prowess and might was derived from this legendary hammer, Mjolnir. This Historical Thor's Hammer recreates that legendary weapon in a style that corresponds with the Viking era.
Price: $150.00
Ancient Thor Hammer
The simple design of the Ancient Thor Hammer evokes a time when giants walked the Earth. Our Mjolnir replica has a solid aluminum head with suede lacing. The dark-stained shaft has a suede-wrapped handle with steel rings.
Price: $125.00