Legend of Zelda Weapons

Be sure to take one of our licensed Legend of Zelda weapons with you as you head off on your own adventure. After all, it is dangerous to go alone! Buying a Sword is proud to offer excellent Zelda weapon replicas including several versions of the iconic Master sword and Heros sword in blue, black, and white colors. We carry a variety of Zelda swords made from steel, as well as wooden sword versions. Our Zelda daggers offer another option for fans to enjoy. Additionally, our selection includes Legend of Zelda LARP weapons, including fantastic foam latex swords that you can use to role-play Link as he heads off to rescue the princess. Several of our decorative Zelda swords come with a display plaque for hanging your collectible sword on a wall, though these Zelda blades work equally well as costume swords for re-enactments!
Wooden Blue Hero's Sword
Lurking in a dark, water-logged temple lays a spirit of nefarious intent, a dark doppelganger that twists a heroic image into something villainous. Now you can wield this shadows sword safely, by wielding the Wooden Blue Hero's Sword.
Price: $28.00
Blue Hero's Sword
A legendary hero deserves a worthy blade, and we can think of no sword worthier for a hero than this aptly named Blue Heros Sword. It has, in its long life, served many of note, and now, it can serve you as well as it served them.
Price: $43.00
Black Sword of the Legend
The Black Sword of the Legend is hardly the blade of a hero. Instead, this blade is the weapon of the hero's shadow, which embodies a darker side. And now, it is a weapon that you can have for yourself, to proudly own and display.
Price: $46.00
Blue Foam Master Sword
Link from the classic game The Legend of Zelda is a well loved character in pop culture. For those looking to recreate his persona through cosplay, the Blue Foam Master Sword is just the sword with which to arm yourself.
Price: $32.00
White Sword of the Legend
The White Sword of the Legend is the blade of a true hero, pure and strong, who has journeyed far to do great deeds for the oppressed. Now, you can make this shining blade your own and become the hero that you have always wanted to be.
Price: $46.00
Black Foam Master Sword
For any cosplayer or gaming enthusiast wanting to recreate a darker version of the iconic Link character from The Legend of Zelda, the Black Foam Master Sword echoes the sinister sword once wielded by the shadow of the valiant hero.
Price: $32.00
Blue Dagger of the Legend
If you want an authentic addition to your Zelda collection or cosplay, the Blue Dagger of the Legend is the piece that will make you a hero of the Hylian realm. Bring your favorite game to life with this intricately designed replica.
Price: $22.00