Functional Halberds

Medieval halberds are polearms crafted with a spiked axe blade mounted on a long shaft and a hook or thorn on the reverse side of the blade. Due to this three-part design, functional halberds can slice, thrust, and hook opponents in combat. Used primarily during the 14th and 15th centuries, the historical halberd was especially effective against infantry and mounted knights, making it a good weapon for foot soldiers to wield. At Buying a Sword, we offer a great selection of battle ready halberds and similar functional pole weapons like bardiches, pollaxes, billhooks, and glaives. These re-enactment halberds and other medieval polearms are crafted from fine materials like iron, carbon steel, and hardwood to help them stand up to the rigors of combat. Peruse our selection of halberd pole weapons to find the perfect piece for your medieval battle.
Ash Pole Stave
Our OX005 Ash Poles (7 feet long by 1.188 inch diameter) are available for finishing the XH2038, XH2039, and XH2040 spears. They are solid and durable, and a must-have for mounting any pole weapon heads.
Price: $29.00
On Sale For: $23.06
Medieval Pole Axe
With a good sharp point that could be used to spear, a back spike that could pierce armor, and the axe head itself, this Medieval Pole Axe is a superb copy that demonstrates just how deadly a good pole axe could be.
Price: $145.00
Authentics European Knights Halberd
Authentics Halberds are hand-crafted with blackened heads. Each head is secured with hand pounded rivets on a rectangular shaved blackened and seared wood handle. This halberd has a rectangular pole for authenticity.
Price: $341.05
Authentics German Knights Halberd
Authentics Halberd is hand-crafted with a blackened head. It is secured with hand pounded rivets on a rectangular, shaved, blackened, and seared wood handle. This functional halberd has a rectangular pole for authenticity.
Price: $341.05
German Halberd Head
This German Halberd replicates a circa-1500 A.D. museum piece. Crafted in 0.25 inch steel with 0.13 thick langets it is supplied sharp but may be modified easily for a re-enactment use. It is supplied as a head only.
Price: $52.00
A Fauchard is a pole weapon that is similar in nature to glaive, being designed to deliver thrusts and cuts from a distance. The difference comes from the shape of the blade, as the fauchards design is much more complex and involved.
Price: $135.00
Not all medieval pole weapons were made for thrusting and stabbing. Some, like the Glaive, combined the strengths of a spear and a sword, creating a weapon that had the range of a spear with the ability to slash and cut like a sword.
Price: $117.00
Lochaber Pole Axe
A Lochaber Pole Axe is a Scottish weapon that looks quite similar to a bardiche or a voulge, although in reality, its function is more closely aligned with a halberd, as it has all the features that make a halberd a devastating weapon.
Price: $135.00
Lochaber Axe
The Scots were not without their own variants of traditional weapons. This Lochaber Axe looks like it would be a spear, but in reality, it was used more similarly to the medieval halberd, being capable of both stabbing and hacking.
Price: $113.00
English Halberd
A halberd takes the effective advantages of an axe and a spear and combines them into one weapon. In essence, a pole weapon like this English Halberd has the heft and impact of a heavy axe, as well as the range of a good spear.
Price: $135.00
Gothic Halberd
This Gothic-period Swiss halberd shows a strong affinity for its agricultural origins. Very simple in form, the halberd was, nevertheless, capable of both hacking and thrusting effectively.
Price: $65.00
Knife Glaive
As a weapon, the glaive is quite similar to the voulge, in that both are meant to cut and slice. Where-as voulges were meant to hack and cleave, glaives, including this Knife Glaive, were designed to deliver fine cuts and slashes.
Price: $113.00
Glaive Head
This Glaive Head is part of a historical armour set reproduced from 15th century museum originals. Typical foot soldiers equipment of the period, the Glaive features a rondel handguard and extended langets to protect the shaft.
Price: $79.00
Man at Arms Sergeants Halberd by Cold Steel
Employing the style of 18th century halberds which were wielded by officers as symbols of their rank, the Man at Arms Sergeants Halberd by Cold Steel is a polearm designed for exceptional quickness and maneuverability in battle.
Price: $164.99
On Sale For: $132.00
Voulge Gisarme
Many pole weapons of the Middle Ages were designed by the peasants, who took hand tools and combined them with long poles to make weapons. This Voulge Gisarme is no different, combining a cleaving blade, simple hook, and a point.
Price: $126.00
The Gisarme is an ingenious weapon that was designed by medieval peasants by combining a sharp, hooked farming tool with a long, spear weapon. The resulting implement was effective when it came to removing riders from their mounts.
Price: $135.00
There is a reason why the halberd was regarded as such an effective weapon, and that is because a halberd takes the reach and stabbing point of a spear and merges it with the chopping ability of an axe to create a versatile weapon.
Price: $126.00
Halberd Hanger Ford
The halberd came to prominence during the 14th and 15th centuries, when a weapon was needed that combined the heavy swing of an axe with the reach of the spear. This Halberd Hanger Ford fills that niche quite nicely.
Price: $126.00
Broad Halberd
What is the best way to make a halberd more effective? One look at this Broad Halberd will tell you that making the axe head broader is the way to go. A broader blade adds weight and mass to every strike the weapon makes.
Price: $126.00
The Bill was a European weapon that was commonplace during the medieval era, as it possessed the stopping power of a spear, the power of an axe, and the added benefit of a hooked protrusion, making it a versatile and powerful weapon.
Price: $123.00
French Vouge
The voulge is a medieval pole weapon that takes the strengths of a spear and applies them to an axe-like blade. This French Voulge is of particular note, because it features a knife blade that is effective at hacking and thrusting.
Price: $117.00
Broad Bill
Versatile and variable, the bill was a weapon to use in the Middle Ages, and as such, they came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some had long, needle points for thrusting, while others, like this Broad Bill, were for cleaving.
Price: $119.00
Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel
A marvelous reproduction of a style of polearms used during the medieval era, the Man at Arms English Bill by Cold Steel is a powerfully fierce, battle ready weapon with multidimensional striking capabilities and superior reach.
Price: $169.99
On Sale For: $136.00
Man at Arms Swiss Halberd by Cold Steel
Known for their masterful use of halberds during the Middle Ages, the Swiss are largely responsible for its rise to popularity. The Man at Arms Swiss Halberd by Cold Steel is battle ready, styled after the early models of this weapon.
Price: $199.99
On Sale For: $160.00
Medieval Voulge Head
Sometimes known as a pole cleaver, the voulge was commonly used in medieval times past, particularly by the French. Now, this carbon steel Medieval Voulge Head makes it easy to recreate this historic weapon in the modern day.
Price: $48.00