LARP Weaponry

Live action role-playing offers the excitement of battle with the increased safety of foam latex weapons. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry an excellent array of LARP weaponry made by top manufacturers like Calimacil, Epic Armoury, and Palnatoke. Our inventory includes LARP axes, LARP daggers, LARP hammers, LARP maces, LARP oriental swords, LARP spears and staffs, and LARP swords. Many of these LARP weapons feature durable foam coated in latex with Kevlar tip protection and fiberglass cores, which ensures that each piece will have a long life of use. They are weather resistant, virtually maintenance free, and perform well in all temperatures. Our role-playing weapons come in a variety of styles from medieval to fantasy, ensuring that you can find something of interest. No matter what your character, you are sure to be a formidable opponent when wielding one of our high quality LARP weapons!
LARP Axes, LARP Battle Axes, and Foam Latex Axes
Pick your next LARP weapon from among the high quality LARP axes at Buying a Sword, and you will be a challenging foe to face on the battlefield! These foam latex axes include both single headed axes and double headed axes designed in fun styles like Viking, medieval, and fantasy. Our role-playing axes display excellent realism and detail in their appearances while providing a nearly maintenance free and safer LARP experience.
LARP Daggers, Foam Latex Daggers, and Role-playing Daggers
Make sure you are well-prepared for your next live action role-playing battle by stocking up on the fantastic LARP daggers you can find here at Buying a Sword. Our collection of foam latex daggers includes many different designs, including LARP Viking daggers, LARP Roman daggers, LARP medieval daggers, and LARP fantasy daggers. These role-playing daggers offer a safe and fun combat experience while being virtually maintenance free.
LARP Hammers, LARP War Hammers, and Foam Latex Hammers
Smash your way through your enemies on the battlefield with excellent LARP hammers from Buying a Sword! These foam latex hammers come in many different styles ranging from medieval LARP warhammers to LARP fantasy hammers. Crafted by top manufacturers like Calimacil and Windlass, these quality role-playing hammers are crafted for durable performance and low maintenance, making them ideal for beginning and experienced LARPers to take into combat.
LARP Maces, Foam Latex Maces, and LARP War Clubs
Make your enemies tremble in fear at your next live action role-playing battle when you show up wielding one of these intimidating LARP maces! Buying a Sword carries an excellent selection of foam latex maces and foam latex war clubs in styles ranging from medieval to fantasy for many great looks. Our role-playing maces provide a safe and low maintenance user experience, making them ideal for beginning and advanced LARPers.
LARP Oriental Swords, LARP Katana, and LARP Wakizashi
Few weapons possess the iconic appeal of oriental blades, making the fantastic LARP oriental swords from Buying a Sword the perfect way to take your live action role-play to the next level. These foam latex oriental swords include a range of LARP samurai swords like LARP katana, LARP wakizashi, LARP nodachi, and LARP tanto. Additionally, we carry Chinese LARP sword designs like LARP dao, giving you plenty of options from which to choose.
LARP Spears, LARP Staffs, and LARP Polearms
Form a defensive boundary around your compatriots on the battlefield by wielding one of these excellent LARP polearms to keep your enemies at range. Our LARP spears and LARP staffs at Buying a Sword include similar role-playing weapons like LARP glaives, LARP halberds, and LARP naginata, as well. These foam latex pole weapons come in many different designs with great looks, including medieval, Viking, oriental, and fantasy.
LARP Swords, Foam Latex Swords, and Role-playing Swords
The variety of LARP swords that you can find at Buying a Sword is unbeatable. We carry a wide array of medieval LARP swords and LARP fantasy swords to suit any character type, including LARP claymores, LARP rapiers, LARP scimitars, LARP bastard swords, and so many more. These foam latex swords are crafted for extreme quality, making them worthwhile investments when you are outfitting yourself for your next live action role-play battle.