Oriental Weapons

Buying a Sword provides an incredible selection of oriental weapons for enthusiasts to enjoy. Our range of oriental swords includes an excellent variety of high quality blades to satisfy martial artists and collectors alike. We offer functional katana, functional wakizashi, and functional tanto, as well as an assortment of decorative swords. In addition to oriental blades, we carry martial arts weaponry that features oriental polearms and ninja weapons. Crafted by top manufacturers like CAS Iberia, Windlass, and Cold Steel, these are some of the best Chinese and Japanese weapons on the market. Many pieces have high carbon steel construction to ensure a fantastic user experience. These samurai weapons and other oriental designs come in a wide price range to provide excellent economical options as well as many fine choices for those wanting an incomparable collectible weapon.
Decorative Oriental Swords, Decorative Ninjato, and Decorative Katana
At Buying a Sword, you can find a wide array of decorative oriental swords to add to your personal collection. These ornamental oriental swords include Japanese swords and Chinese swords that are perfect for putting on display or using as a costume weapon. We carry high quality decorative katana, decorative ninjato, and decorative Chinese dao, among other designs, giving you plenty of options to choose from for your next oriental blade.
Functional Katana, Functional Samurai Swords, and Japanese Swords
The functional katana at Buying a Sword make excellent oriental blades for martial artists and collectors with their traditional constructions. These samurai swords come in a wide range of designs crafted with high carbon steel blades to ensure excellent cutting ability and use in training. Many of our battle ready katana not only feature high functionality but also display impressive appearances with gorgeous ornamental elements.
Functional Oriental Swords, Functional Zatoichi, and Functional Ninja Swords
Discover a great selection of functional oriental swords for your use among the pieces offered at Buying a Sword. We carry a wide array of battle ready oriental swords, including zatoichi, tai chi swords, gim swords, odachi, Chinese broadswords, dadao, and ninja swords. These high carbon steel oriental swords offer a high level of functionality matched by gorgeous appearances, making them ideal for collectors and martial artists.
Functional Tanto, Samurai Tanto, and Japanese Daggers
A Japanese blade carried by samurai during feudal Japan, oriental tanto are ideal for stabbing and slashing. Our functional tanto at Buying a Sword come in a wide range of designs perfect for collectors and martial artists with their high carbon steel blades and lovely ornamentation. Crafted by some of the best manufacturers in the world, these battle ready tanto make great companion weapons for our katana, wakizashi, and other Japanese swords.
Functional Wakizashi, Functional Samurai Swords, and Japanese Wakizashi
Choose an excellent functional wakizashi from Buying a Sword to go with your katana, and you will be well on your way to becoming a samurai. Our Japanese wakizashi are well crafted with fine details and sturdy construction that make them ideal for display and use as cutting and training weapons. These battle ready wakizashi are made by some of the best manufacturers in the world to ensure that each oriental blade we carry is a high quality piece.
Martial Arts Weaponry, Oriental Polearms, and Oriental Practice Weapons
If you practice one of the many martial arts in existence, then you are sure to find the martial arts weaponry at Buying a Sword of particular interest. Our martial arts weapons include many distinctive pieces like oriental polearms and unique oriental blades that can be used for self-defense. Take a moment to browse through our naginata, sai, jie dao, yari, and other fantastic items to find the perfect oriental weapon to hone your skills.